Jabberwock in reverse formation?

Where would you guys put Jabberwocky in a reverse formation?

Current Team

Marjana - C. Magni - Heimdall - White Rabbit - Jabberwock

I’d personally swap him with your C Magni then swap C Magni with Marjana, so:

C Magni - Jabb - Heimdall - White Rabbit - Marjana

C Magni and Marjana are the tankiest here so they will survive more hits (if you still want to run Heim in the back). Jabb is fast enough to charge getting just 1 tile. And C Magni should be the further to the left possible with his -def.

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Ok. what about?

C. Magni - Marjana - Heimdall - Jabberwock - White Rabbit

-Def heroes at the front. Only have Reg Marjana. Wouldn’t she be better at flank so she has chance to evade? Too easy to kill her with tiles at the front maybe.

That can perhaps work as well. The reason I advised to move Marjana to front was that I remember she was pretty bulky so she could provide more cover to the heroes behind her. But that may be just a cosmetic impact in practice.

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