Jabberwock Emblems

Hey Everyone… I was looking for some feedback… I’m planning on going full atk for Jabber but what about nodes that both have atk? Would u do Atk & Def or Atk & HP, or a little of both?? I took HP & Atk on Nodes 5-6 because the Atk Node at 9 had a HPx2 node at 8… But I have the same dilemma at 13-14… Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Nice question. E&P Toolbox is a great app for sorting out emblems. You can set out a draft there on which way you want to go for Jabberwocky’s emblems.

I usually go defence path where there is an option, a higher def stat is more helpful in the long run for keeping a hero alive during battle.

I would go attack as priority. Jabberwock is a killer and that’s his strength…build on that.

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Attack first and defense 2nd👍

This is mine at +20, if you need…:wink:

…and this is the path I’ve chosen!

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I’ve gone Atk/Def for everyone I’ve done before… The only reason Health came up this time is because I’m planning on running Jab on Right Wing w/Seshat on the other wing, so I was thinking maybe a little extra health if someone stacks against them… This is my current team:

Seshat +16
C. Magni +17
Telly +17
GM +16
Jabberwock +10 (still adding emblems from Joon)

From my understanding, one +18 def node and one +36HP node should give almost the same increase in “sturdiness” to your hero. Based off the way damage is calculated tho, it could depend on the current ratio of the hero’s def:HP

Between def and hp as the 2nd priority, Guvnor would probably advocate HP b/c of the plethora of DoT heroes in the meta. DoT ignores defense so boosting HP would be beneficial in that regard. However, Jabberwock is also a monk so has up to 30% chance to resist DoT.

Jabberwock has 747 def and 1328 HP which gives a def:hp ratio of 0.5625. IIRC, the ideal ratio of def to HP to give maximal sturdiness is ~0.65. Therefore I would prioritize attack first and then on nodes that have both hp and def, choose defense.

Basically, the same path that @Yayo chose for his Jabberwock.

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I found this Jab that took the Health route… The Atk difference is on 30pts but at the same time there’s nearly a 150pt difference on Health, plus only a 10pt difference in Poison Damage…

Having him on wing makes having higher health very attractive to me, but it goes against my usual playing style of highest attack possible, hence my dilemma… :thinking:

Sorry, I meant to say highest Atk & Def possible :grimacing:

I’m going full attack on mine I think his defense and health will stand, plus a monk can withstand.
As @Palms said his a killer that’s what you want.


Don’t have him but Jabs is usually played on wings on defense and mainly for dmg, so Attack first, then Def, then HP.

If I’ve done my adding correctly my Jab’s final stats will be:

Attack: 840
Defense: 801
Health: 1475

He’ll have max attack, a little less def, & a little more health… Augmented with Mana Troops he’ll be a nice, sturdy monster so I’m pretty happy with his final stats!! :+1:

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