Jabberwock DoT question

Faced off against my first 80 Jabber tonight.

After casting the special, the DoT ticked at the end of opponent’s attack phase. Then it ticked again at the end of my phase. This is not how Proteus’ DoT behaves so I wanted to ask about it. After the second turn my almost full health Alasie & Zim were dead.

You’re right, thats not how its supposed to work…

DoT is supposed to trigger AFTER the affected players turn…

Do you perchance have a video of this attack?

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No video.

On the rematch, I had Zim ready to dispel it. Alasie died before I had a chance. Not from the attack, from the DoT.

Zim shouldn’t be able to dispell Jabberwocks DoT as it is undispellable?

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Yeah I see that now, but it wouldn’t have mattered.

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