Jabberwock damage inconsistencies

When Jabberwock attacks two enemies he foes 300% damage on each and the damage seems pretty similar on each hit. However, when down to one enemy the two hits do wildly different damage. One will do >1200 damage and the other <800. That is not 300% on each hit.

Why is the damage of the two hits so different against one target?

Following for a written explanation

I’ve noticed this, but usually only on killing strikes when Jabber is hitting the same hero/monster. I’ve noticed it on tile damage too.


No problem.

On raid

IMG_0848 IMG_0849 IMG_0850 IMG_0851

The reason is due to the Damage Calculation.

Each Hit is calculated independently of the other…

Link to the Damage Calculation thread:

Essentially the calculation is:

So against two different enemies the biggest change will be the [Def] stat… If you have the targets as Mother North vs. Magni, there is quite a large disparity in the defence there… Thus a different damage inflicted.

There is also the [Theta] component of the calculation. This [Theta] is a random component. This is why two hits on the same character are rarely the same… They are SIMILAR but because of the RNG [Theta], they will never be THE SAME.

There are also other factors which may play a part such as local defence or elemental defence debuffs.


How is your Jabber hitting that hard? That’s like Jabber+50 damage output…

Low level boss monsters.

The Theta shouldn’t give a 400 point damage spread between hits on the same enemy.

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