Jabber's special ignored BKs taunt

Jabberwocky used his special while BK’s special was triggered with at least 1 turn left. They were all linked by Aegir, who was in the middle. Both BK and Magni took the poison damage… which I don’t think happened to me before. Is that supposed to happen?

Video/ pics?

I personally havent seen this when using BK against an enemy Jabberwock.

Did the first strike kill BK? Buffs disappear when the hero dies… so if the first strike killed BK, and the two strikes are processed independently one after the other, the second strike may have been free to hit someone else…?

Are you sure there wasn’t another poisoner on the defending team? Say Sartana or Costume Domitia?

I didn’t think to take a screenshot until after I was done. BK’s survived the first strike and his special was still active. I will keep an eye out for another jabberwocky and try to recreate the scenario.

My guess is that it looked that way due to Aegir link and Jabber animation. Jabber animation all ways goes to outer most heros. So it shows that image then BK gets hit for 600% then that damage was spread to all from Aegir.

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yea only bk should have been only one who got the dot if it only hit him like it was supposed to

Jabberwock actually still does two hits for 300% damage.

Just an FYI :slight_smile: and due to how the damage calculation works, 1x 600% strike isn’t the same damage as 2x 300% ones.

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Yea you are right, I guess the double damage would only trigger if BK was last man standing. So he would have to get a checks to reduce damage to 1. Had to double check wording as I dont have either of the mentioned heros. Weird situation

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