Jabber or Killhare at right wing for your defense?

When you’re raiding: wich one in general you fear the most and forces you to constantly give an eye to?

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Both are top tier defense heroes. Jabber is fast, but hits 2, while Killhare is Average speed and hits all. Add in a 23+ mana trooop and Killhare feels fast. So, slight advantage to Killhare for defense.


I usually fear Jabberwock the most, essentially because he is fast, while Killhare, being average, can be killed before she fires (if you are quite lucky).

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Jabberwock may be dynamite, but Killhare is a nuke.


The nasty thing about Killhare is her revive talent. She’s like a cockroach that you thought it’s dead after you swat it, but only come back to life running after you. Revive is PITA.


that’s it… you can recover from jabber in many situations. killhare in wing, often you can’t. and it happens apparently often, that this bunny was killed and revived - then fired… frequently seen a killhare with 1 HP standing in war defense as last bunny standing… the bunny got the edge over jabber for me in wing position…

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I think the bunny just about edges it on defense for me. The damage she outputs to all at average speed is phenomenal and if you strap some mana troops on her, she’s still going to go off fast. Jabber is amazing, but I often find I have a fighting chance to recover when he goes off where as that’s rarely the case with Killhare.



Huh I must be in the very small minority that fears Jabber way more than Killhare. Sif very nicely counters her, and 95% of the time makes her commit suicide, but the same could not be said about Jabber.

Jabber forces me to decide who to put on wings in case he goes off (multiple times), Killhare I just sandwich Sif between the heroes I want/need to protect the most and go to town. Jabber’s poison tops out at 400 over 3 turns with max troops; while this isn’t immediately lethal, it chips away at your HP steadily, and can’t be cleansed on top. Either you counter it with Garnet/Vanda/Grazul’s ailment block, or use HoT to offset the poison. Killhare is one and done, if she fails to kill my key heroes or weaken them to the point they can picked off by slash attacks, I can recover 70% of the time, and my job is made easier by her team debuff.

I guess if you also have Lepus and/or Roostley, Killhare would definitely have the edge since that attack buff from the family bonus is no joke.


I have Lepus+20 on left wing.

Must be nice to have a Sif. That wouldn’t change much for my opinion, though. Jabberwock becomes a problem when it’s already too late. Killhare, on the other hand, makes everything too late. All by her lonesome.

Still no contest, in my opinion.

Make no mistake – the J-wock is plenty scary. But Killhare is just. that. much. better.


Think killhare gets the nod.
The longer the battle the worse she going to do your team.


Ouch…just got this guy right now…

OMG the dilemma is growing bigger!:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Personally I also rank Killhare slightly higher.

With Jabber you have the ability to place your most vulnerable and crucial heroes in the center, while your highest HP heroes go to the corners, since Jabber will always hit those. Buying yourself at least a little bit of time, for those placed in center. Killhare hits everyone.

Emblemed Killhares revive ability I’d give the edge too. Nothing more frustrating than Killhare reviving with 1 HP and killing your whole team.

Don’t get me wrong. They’re both excellent, and I’d love to have them. You can’t really go wrong either way. But I’d say Killhare is slighty better in my opinion.

Edit: I’d love to have your dilemma :sweat_smile:

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Congratulations on pulling Onyx! Now you have a real dilemma. All three are great, as I said above. However, now that Onyx is in the mix, I’d say go with Onyx IF you have other ninja(s) to pair him with. Otherwise, I’d still go with Killhare, although it is a close call.

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I have Garnet+20.
Mica is at +15 too, but I see him as a very good supporting, attacking hero…too passive for defense.

I have Onyx and Mica, and love both of them.

On a defense team, Mica must have additional ninjas on-team, and you really want a powerful healing effect, too. Unfortunately, I think the only place he can truly shine in defense requires formations as a standard feature.

And now with Onyx thrown into the mix . . . . I’d probably still go with Killhare. The uncertainty of what charge level a ninja is going to reach makes it seem better to run them when you have 3 or more on a team, generally. And you know EXACTLY what Killhare is going to do.

I’d rank them a half-point apart from the next in line:

Killhare 9.5
Onyx 9
J-wocky 8.5

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If your current defense holds you in diamond, I’d just power level Onyx asap. He is A+++++ for offense because of the flexibility he offers - bad board and need to neutralize the tank (somewhat)? Fire him right away. Ok board and you have a lv 11 mana troop? Find 3 matches and he starts hurting a lot more.

He has replaced Jabber as staple of my purple stack, and when chained with cRigs and Panther and/or (c)Tibs, he can one shot an entire side the defense just by himself at x2 charge. (9 purple tiles is all you need!!)

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Close enough rating as far as I am concerned.


OP was talking about defense, not offense.

Onyx would be a good defender, especially if you have 2 other legendary ninjas with him on defense for them to enjoy the family bonus. As a lone ninja on a defending team, I don’t like the A.I. dictating him when to fire. I’d rather have Killhare at wings for that.

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I have to 2nd your stated assessment @Harlikwen

Killhare’s proven revive serve you best

Like a cockroach is the rabbit’s staying alive to keep your defense going.* & Bugs knows.

@Yayo unless there is better synergy w/ your other 4 heros in the lineup which Jabberwock boosts, suit up Killhare first imo.

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I tend to agree with you. I find Jabber harder to counteract than Killhare. I use C.Elena a lot in the centre and it is annoyling that he always hits the two not riposting.

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