Jabber/Bjorn vs cumulative defence up/down

So the lingering question feeding my insomnia tonight is about heroes that do simultaneous hits where a hero has either cumulative defence up or down.

Best way to describe what I mean might be if have Krampus special active and he gets the 2 hits from jabber - does the first hit cause his defence to increase prior to the second therefore meaning less damage? Or are they both simultaneous at same defence points?

Example for the bjorn one would be if facing one enemy and have already fired costume Brienne, when bjorn does the second strike is it against a weakened defence stat?

Dont have Krampus/ Jabber to test. Do have the other two I could try best rare event, but thought someone might know this already…

This part relates to an issue I was just posting about…
So, we can add this question to the list:
Does Krampus gets bumped up by 1 or 2 increments of +defense when only 1 damage amount is being shown in response to a double hit.
jabberwock and bjorn showing only 1 strike

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Yeah, I saw that thread. That’s partly what brought this into my mind, just didn’t want to derail from that bug discussion with my query on mechanics when working correctly :upside_down_face:

Normal behaviour is that each strikes counts as an individual (+1) to the scaling attack/ defence / whatever.

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Thanks. One less thing in the head.

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