Jabb lvl 5 or seshat lvl 5 with neith lvl 2 waiting to absorb

Jabb lvl 5 or seshat lvl 5 with neith lvl 2 waiting to absorb… not sure, advice please

What exactly is your question? :thinking:

Are you wondering who should get your Ranger emblems?

Is jabb worth the replacement of sesh

On defense? Depends on your line up. Can you please share your current line up with us and your options?

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I’d go with the following:

Seshat - Kiril - GM - Neith - Kingston

First is currant second is goal

Is this worth my time witg neith 4 levels higher and jabb at 5?

Are you talking about war defense or why do you want a blue tank?

If you’re not set on a specific tank color, I’d definitely put GM as tank. He’s your best bet.

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War we use blue tanks but I Ariel or kiril in flank idk

Ok so do you want advice for war defense (where blue tank is a must) or for raid defense (where you can go with a different tank element)? Or both?

Both but raid mostly, anything is useful

War (with blue tank): Seshat - GM - Kiril - Neith - Kingston

Raid: Seshat - Kiril - GM - Neith - Kingston or Seshat - Neith - GM - Kingston - Jabber


Any decision you’d make, switch yellow and red places; always yellow near purple…