Ivy's War, 5/20/20

I’ve been wanting to look at a full set of war flags and discuss my team selection for some time, and, well, I’ve finally done it! I will also discuss the tile play, but I’m going to try to make my primary focus to be about roster management, matching up, and countering the teams I attack. If you don’t want to watch six videos I’d say Flag 5 is the most interesting. Flag 4 is the least.

Here’s a summary of the war:

Flag Attack TP Defense TP
1 3,998 4,392
2 3,804 4,400
3 3,866 4,618
4 3,988 4,483
5 4,016 4,500
6 4,004 4,300

So my average attack team was ~3,946 and the average defense was 4,438.

My focus will be on how I select my team, which is largely a product of the defense my opponent puts up. I’ll be discussing the ways in which I think each team is beatable / can be exploited. That should not be construed as me criticizing the player or their defense! All defenses are beatable and have flaws - it’s only natural to attack them where they are most vulnerable.

Flag 1

Attack Team

This was one of only two teams on the field with a blue hero with an offensive skill (e.g., NOT a healer) outside of the tank position. So it was natural for me to use Mitsuko here - in blue tank wars it is often hard to find a great place for her. My best Boldtusk was a natural pick to complete the minor stack, provide healing, and because my opponent has no dispeller.

In every war I almost invariably team up Kadilen (who is only at 3.70) with Evelyn. Their paired mana speed makes getting timing right and I’m happy to pick up Kadilen’s buff here, further exploiting the defense’s lack of a dispeller. Evelyn gives me a short area dispel against Costumed Rigard (and to a lesser extent Magni, as he’ll likely be dead if I have Evelyn charged). This is a very strong combo; I really think Kadilen is much better than she gets credit for; she’ll also hit all four after I break the tank off (at a point when most hit three heroes become hit two heroes).

My last pick was Costumed Skittleskull. Normally I’d throw in another healer, but I felt the risk of only one healer was outweighed by the fact that I needed more offensive punch in my major stack. Kadilen, being not maxed, is particularly light on tiles, so Skittleskull’s high tiles is a good way to compensate. Plus it gives me another option to reverse part of Costumed Rigard’s buffs. Since I already have two fast greens in I can work with Skittleskull being slow

So, I have stacked 3 against the tank, 2 against the flank I fear more, have two buffers that cannot be dispelled, two partial options to dispel my opponent’s buffs, and a huge reflect exploit.

Tile Play

I get a great board and take Magni out in the first two moves. Sure, lucky. But it strongly reinforces my point about Skittleskull’s tiles compensating for Kadilen’s.

~0:52 I fire all three of my greens, so it’s interesting to observe the damage numbers, as the team composition hinges on Evelyn’s defense debuff.

  • Evelyn: ~243 apiece
  • Kadilen: ~280 on each debuffed opponent, about 100 lower on the other (not debuffed)
  • Skittleskull: ~370 on each debuffed opponent, ~140 lower on the other

I can work with that. Especially since Kadilen and Skittleskull hit everyone - the total damage is solid. Not every flag can have attackers sniping for 800. Later, I fire the trio again with Boldtusk’s attack buff, which raises each number about 100, across the board.

These numbers speak for themselves, but it’s an important point so I’m going to reiterate it anyway.
Looking at the damage numbers through the lens of team selection I really feel I’ve done a lot here to create an offensive team from non-snipers. If you have 30+ snipers, cool. I don’t. But I made a team that is, if not an offensive juggernaut, at least a credible attack.

~1:00 I can’t post this without noting a clear mistake. I didn’t see the combo that charged Rigard. I should have just blown the green dragon and killed him.

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Flag 2

Attack Team

Here’s another very common team concept I employ: Mother North with the most fragile heroes I think I can get away with. I often rely on her to revive a hero, who pops back up with full mana, fires their special, and goes down again (I am slightly exaggerating). My opponent has a fairly passive front line, between a healer tank (Ariel), Black Knight having an annoying but not immediately damaging special skill, and an average speed flank in Domitia. That reinforces my desire to use this gambit on this flag.

So, Mother North holds a spot. I want Hansel, because he’s the right element and fits the description of a fragile hero who can pop back up and really make a difference. Roster note: I have two Hansel’s and the other has emblems - if I’m going to use both this is the right time to risk using the weaker one.

Any time I toss out Hansel I’m looking to see if Gretel fits. Their family bonus is important when I’m trying to eke out every edge. The addition of another mana controller also does a lot, especially for a team that can’t withstand a ton of special attacks. I feel so strongly about that that I readily added a third in Mist. I find that with this (and similar) team composition Mist can often essentially lock one side while I use Hansel / Gretel on the other and move tiles over there. I really expect I can stop Alberich from firing (except maybe in fights where it’s going so badly that it truly doesn’t matter that he fires), I may be able to leverage Ariel’s mana buff against the team if I time it right, and Onatel’s skill can also be used against her (charging her up quickly, repeatedly: I can either hit her with tiles or ghost tiles she’ll siphon - in fact I do this late in the match).

Lastly, let’s talk cleanse / dispel. Once Ariel is down, the defense is helpless against Hansel, Gretel, and Mist. I don’t need a cleanse. What I do need is a dispel, and if I need them, I will REALLY need them. So I bring Caedmon + emblems - bringing my Caedmon without emblems is too big a risk here since I still need some tile damage from my green stack. Also, Mist’s debuff + Caedmon is a reasonable snipe.

So I again stacked against the tank and flank in my preferred 3/2 configuration. Positioning is also relevant here - I put my least-sturdy heroes at the flanks so that if they fall a hit-three hero will hit fewer.

Tile Play

I am gifted a yellow diamond. If you wanted to fire it on move 2, know that I did not because it would have destroyed the green match in row 3. In contrast, ~0:27 seems like a similar situation but is NOT. The greens in row 2 would possibly charge Ariel when the blues in column 3 combo. Instead, I opt for the yellows in column 4, and am rewarded with the greens I need to kill Ariel.

~1:01 I follow my plan and use Mist to slow Alberich. No reason to fire Gretel yet - I need to see how the board develops.

~1:25 I mentioned Mist + Caedmon earlier. Here I use that combo on Black Knight, getting 545 damage. I think that’s respectable, considering Black Knight is +17.

~1:43 Clear mistake: I waste Hansel on Domitia, who was going to die to the four yellow tiles. I should have blocked Onatel a few turns later.

End game: not much more to say. Watch how I keep suppressing Alberich, but do need all my mana controllers to do it, as I eventually need one to reduce his mana. Also note how many options I have to charge Onatel up while she’s under Hansel / Gretel’s effects.

Flag 3

Attack Team

This was probably the strongest defense I faced, so there wasn’t much I could do to exploit it. The biggest omission is definitely that they have no cleanser or anyone who can flip common debuffs. So Buddy was my first pick, with his two very handy debuffs. I also needed a cleanser for Drake, so Rigard was a must here. I opted for my strongest one, over a few with no emblems.

That pretty much set up my 3/2 stack as grurple, so the rest of the team kind of suggested itself. Proteus was a natural second, as I am facing another Alberich wing, and given the team power this was the right time to use my best one (again, over a few with no emblems).

The last two greens: I needed one healer and think there’s a case for Costume Melendor here. Ultimately, since I didn’t need his dispel I opted for Telluria. Even though she is now worthless on offense (lol), I felt she’d provide another valuable mana slow option. My last slot was a toss-up and ultimately I went with Caedmon. I needed a fast green, but really wanted to save Kingston and felt Hansel did not have good synergy with the mana control already on the field (since Proteus is full stop and Telluria hits everyone - I do NOT feel Hansel conflicts with Mist since they can each work a side and she can only slow and not stop mana).

I want to be clear that I did NOT like it, but I didn’t feel I had a better choice, considering all six attacks. I had already exhausted my Caedmon+. The best I could do here is try to use Buddy to shield my two most vulnerable heroes. Again, note that if this fails, if my flanks die, all the hit three heroes have reduced range (and I’m including a dispel 3 in that).

Tile Play

Pretty bad board, so I make a series of tile clearance moves and am rewarded with a purple combo.

~0:52 I use Proteus on the left side, locking Alberich, as planned. I then set up a green dragon.

~0:59 Funnily, making the green dragon is actually now a VERY bad play! I have one tile of green mana, so I need to get seven units from the six tiles in the center columns. I make the greens in column 5, killing Frida and clearing the center column for ghosting. At ~1:09 I follow up with the greens in row 2, charging Caedmon! I really think this was well played.

~1:30 Which I then follow up by making an egregious mistake! I was worried Caedmon’s snipe was going to be cancelled by field aid, so held him. I should have just struck Albry and moved on. Instead, I held and Drake killed Caedmon (both he and Frida hit him - my Caedmon with emblems might have survived).

It’s pretty much over after I catch the purple combo at ~1:43, but I try to be accountable for my mistakes: I have no idea why I fired Telluria at ~2:11 when Rigard’s superior HoT was already up.

Reflecting on my team selection, it worked the way I hoped / planned / expected. I needed Rigard’s cleanse, Proteus kept the left side locked down, and Caedmon was susceptible against a strong team. Though I do want to note that I still think I was correct to throw out a fast green. I failed to fire him, but I DID successfully charge him.

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Flag 4

Attack Team

Though I have worked very hard to bolster my green bench (as, for months, my alliance has faced primarily blue tanks), it is still very challenging to ration my green heroes. I am always looking for opportunities to conserve them. Usually this takes the form of that one or two teams that didn’t conform, or the rare team I think I can stack against differently and still get good results (usually it takes a passive tank - Aegir is my favorite target for this).

Here I thought I had an opportunity to save a green hero. With such a slow front line - Lady of the Lake, Isarnia, and Khagan (plus Vivica at right wing), I really felt I’d have a few extra moves to work with. I still wanted to bring some greens since Isarnia is not passive, and the natural pick was Melendor. He has reasonably high tiles, can reverse Isarnia’s defense debuff, and dispels the the heroes on defense who buff. I think I maybe should have used a non-emblemed Melendor here, given how much time I expect to have, but a small error, if an error.

I often struggle to find a spot for Little John (and actually he often ends up on my Mother North + fragile heroes team). But here I thought was the right risk: he’ll face only small slash attacks at the beginning and has high tiles.

For my other stack I opted for red, even though it’s weak against Isarnia. Lady of the Lake is my primary concern here, so I want to stack against her. Also, Gravemaker being fast and getting his burn on does a lot against LotL and compensates for the weak tile damage against the tank.

Boldtusk was a natural choice as this team has no dispeller. His immediate heal and attack buff have perfect synergy with Costumed Melendor’s HoT and defense buff.

Finally, this is a great spot for Santa Claus. He’s slow, but so are they. He reverses Khagan and Vivica, if they fire. His full AoE matches up with Little John well.

So, all in all, I have multiple buffs - which the opponent can do nothing about - multiple ailments against slow and late (because wing) cleanse, and dispel / flip against their buffs. Plus some mana control.

Tile Play

This fight is the least interesting of my flags and is over once the board spawns. As is the green diamond isn’t enough I get a red combo out of the opening move.

That makes ~0:15 a pretty clear move: reds in column 6. No need to kill Isarnia - she’s not even close to charged and my priority needs to be to get Gravemaker working on LotL.

I don’t think there’s much more to be gained here.

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Flag 5

Attack Team

As I mentioned in Flag 4, I am always looking for opportunities to skimp on green heroes, and Aegir tanks are a spot I particularly look for. I have enough green heroes that I now still usually bring some against Aegir, and obviously Costume Melendor is always the first hero I think about. I slightly regret using my Costume Melendor+ in Flag 4, as I think he may have been a better fit here (since he is my only dispeller against a team with 3 buffers - he MUST live). But I have a few spares without emblems.

Completing my green minor stack - Hansel was the go to pick. I will definitely want to shut someone down later in the fight - if I don’t use him here he’s in danger of getting benched for this war, which would be suboptimal (reminder that I already used a Hansel +0).

As I mentioned in Flag 2, once Hansel goes out I look to Gretel. But I didn’t feel that was possible here. I felt strongly that Azlar needed to be addressed - given how Aegir can stretch a fight there’s a reasonable chance Azlar fires. I don’t have a yellow cleanser, so Ariel was the natural fit. If my major stack is going to be blue then Isarnia makes sense, as she gives me an option to flip Aegir’s buff and use it against them. Vela rounds out my trio, being fast and since I have no blue sniper (besides Sonya). In retrospect I wonder if Frida would have been a better option - her dispel would have been useful as I am worried about my Melendor.

I wasn’t that happy with this attack team. I actually expect Kadilen to be an issue. She’s robust at +15, fast, and I’ve already said I think she’s stronger than most think. I’ll have very little tile damage against her, with my blue stack, while her buff dulls my specials. All that said, this is the fifth flag so I’m not going to have a perfect counter.

Tile Play

Perhaps I’ve caught a few lucky breaks so far in the war, but this is sure a terrible board! At least it’s coming against Aegir. My plan will be to stay cool, be patient, work the board, and minimize splashing.

~0:27 I made a pretty good move. I think it’s easy to take the greens in column here, but that does NOT work with my early game approach (given the respective teams and board). Instead I make the reds in the same column. Note that this preserves the greens if I want them next turn, but it also gives me a chance to cluster my greens for a cascade. Sure, it’ll do less damage to Aegir as he’ll fire before then, but I don’t care about damaging him - I just need the mana. This move ends up being critical.

~0:37 I am excited because I got what I wanted. I make the purples in row four, setting up a green dragon which actually becomes a diamond! Also, I just want to point out that at this point I finally get my first blue replacement tile.

~0:54 I wanted to save Melendor’s dispel until my blues were charged, but Vela is slashed to the danger zone. With three slashes incoming I cannot afford to hold. Especially because, well, I have NO blue mana.

~1:42 I’m in a bind. I’m still not close to killing anyone, Kadilen is charged, I don’t have a dispel ready, and Azlar is getting close enough that I’m now nervous about him. I intend to trigger the dragons, so, fearing a weird combo I use Hansel on Azlar. This was perhaps not warranted, but I’m very aware of the danger of Azlar firing at this point - I’m not close to a cleanse with only two blue tiles on the board. I hedge.

~2:04 I make what is probably the raid winning move. Aegir has just fired for like the seventh time and it’s natural to want to make the greens in row four. But the much better move is the greens in row THREE. Again, I still don’t care about damaging Aegir - what I need to do right now is put a tile into Azlar so his mana gets cut. It is the last turn he’ll be under the ailment so this is absolutely essential.

I want to talk a bit more about this move, because it’s the pivot point of the match. Perhaps I did fire Hansel a turn or two too early. I really think this was a justified hedge, since it was difficult to foresee the consequences of the tile move I was going to make. Had Azlar fired at that point I think it’s a clear loss, likely finishing with with Aegir at half health - a horrible attack for my team. Not firing Hansel felt like a move with very high risk and limited upside (since I still want to use Hansel on Azlar later - I still don’t care about stopping Aegir from firing).

Re-watching, I’m proud that I stayed calm and carefully managed this fight. It would have been easy to lose control of it, as I’ve been behind the whole time and have gotten very few blue tiles. It’s hard to put tiles into a flank when the tank is still up, but I did feel I had a decent chance to charge Azlar if it came down to that. I was counting the turns and watching Azlar’s mana bar carefully. When it came down to it, I was aware of the situation and executed.

Ultimately, delaying Azlar a few more turns swung the match. I had Ariel ready by the time he fired.

I’ll make only one comment about the end game; I played poorly once it was in hand. Perhaps it was difficult to maintain the same level of focus. I was relieved, as I hate letting my team down. I’ll call out just one clear mistake: ~4:32 Vela’s special kills Vivica. Making the greens in column 1 is not needed. The better play is making a green dragon in column 5. That would have fully charged Hansel, allowing him to block Domitia and speed up the end.

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Flag 6

Attack Team

This attack was somewhat unique, as we were about to flip them. This was the last full team on the field, so I snapped it up, confident I had a good one-shot chance and wanting anyone else to have their pick of anyone they wanted after the revive.

A Marjana, Vela, Kingston center screams ‘cleanser,’ so I trotted out another Costumed Rigard. I had a number of options to pair with him (Tiburtus+, Proteus, Victor), but ultimately couldn’t ignore Seshat. She was my strongest unused hero to that point, and while I do sometimes leave a lol-strong hero on the bench, I try to avoid it if I can get them out without completely forcing them into a team where they don’t work. Here her dispel doesn’t do much for me, but she’s one of my best snipers.

Similarly, this is what I saved Kingston for. I felt these two could provide all the offensive punch I needed and could generate kills without necessitating a defense down. Instead, I just tried to make the best support I could for them. Certainly that meant another green healer, so I brought out my last Melendor (third, maxed that morning for just this purpose).

The final spot could have gone a lot of ways, but ultimately Heimdall was the best green I hadn’t yet used. I like him a lot, even at 3.70 , and also felt him giving me another option to flip Kingston’s attack debuff was a nice benefit.

I actually think this is a strong team and answers what the defense does well. I don’t love not having any mana control, but this is a strong sixth flag even without it.

Tile Play

I’m given a bad board and my first few moves don’t really develop it in the way I would have liked.

~0:42 I matched the greens in column 3, but I think, upon rewatching, that that move is wrong. It’s not going to kill Vela, so I feel I would have done better making the red/yellow combo in rows 2/3. It clears out more tiles and brings my central greens closer.

~1:08 This is a key moment in the match. I really don’t want to endure Kingston’s special, but I don’t think a single special will take him out. Plus I have to hope he doesn’t revive. I put him down and revive doesn’t proc, but this moment ends up being key for a different reason. Keep it in mind.

~1:45 If you’re wondering what I’m doing, I’m checking the Evade chance on each Rogue.

~2:04 Okay, now we’ll see how closely you were watching! Will Seshat’s snipe kill Vivica? I am TOTALLY bragging here, but I knew the answer! And I was really happy I knew. A Seshat buffed by Rigard hit Kingston earlier. Do you remember how much damage she did? Is it enough to kill Vivica? Because if it is, it is definitely worth using Rigard’s buff and firing Seshat, even though that means I can’t cleanse Marjana’s burn on the next turn and Domitia will dispel some of the buffs.

Alright, I’ll stop being smug. I remembered that Seshat did ~700 damage. I’ll admit I didn’t know Kingston’s exact defense, but I believe it to be generally higher than Vivica’s. I checked her card, saw 710 health, and immediately fired Rigard and Seshat. Vivica fell. I’m pretty proud of this moment - I feel I played it really well.

~3:32 But of course I’ll note my usual late game mistake. No idea why I fired Seshat then held Kingston. There was no reason to hold him. It was just sloppy.

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The suspense is killing me.

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Me too. Can’t wait for the insight


@RicElDrac @Bloom609, everything is now up!

Tagging alliance mates: @BadForBusiness @theonlybug @Murphy @SqurrlGrrl @AtC @Steve7181


I’m curious. How many max 5’s did you have? How many were benched in this war?

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Thank you for the videos, Ivy! It’s always helpful to see others’ strategies - especially coming from someone who is amongst the highest AW point earners. :wink:


That’s a great question. Here’s the answer for my full roster (whether or not I used them in this war):

  • Maxed five star with emblems: 11
  • Maxed five star without emblems: 8
  • Maxed four star with emblems (or costume bonus or both): 22
  • Maxed four star (without further enhancement): 32

Unused in this war:

  • Maxed five star with emblems: 2
  • Maxed five star without emblems: 6
  • Maxed four star with emblems (or costume bonus or both): 10
  • Maxed four star (without further enhancement): 27

Observant readers may note that these numbers imply I only used 28 heroes. Not so - Kadilen and Heimdall are both at 3.70, so don’t fit into any of the above categories (I didn’t want to count up non maxed heroes).

If you’re curious who wasn’t used:

  • Maxed five star with emblems: Frida +7, Joon +9
  • Maxed five star without emblems: Anzogh, Aegir, Onatel, Leonidas, Seshat (duplicate), Victor
  • Maxed four star with emblems (or costume bonus or both): Wilbur +18, Scarlett +18, Kiril +17, Costumed Sonya +14, Grimm +18, Jackal +18, Costume Li Xiu, Costume Rigard (a third one), Costume Tiburtus +11, Costume Tiburtus (duplicate)
  • Maxed four star (without further enhancement): too many to list - it’s basically the S1 heroes you’d expect, but here are a few notable ones: Gadeirus and Kashhrek (I said my green bench is deep), Lady Woolerton, Gretel duplicate, and two more Protei

One takeaway I have from drafting this list is that it really shows the impact of an alliance color coding their tanks. I clearly valued primarily green heroes, in many cases setting aside more on-paper powerful heroes in other elements. Of course Frida +7 is better than 3.70 Kadilen, but I had trouble getting her on the field!

Lastly, it points out one of the constant challenges of war - I thought I’d need a strong yellow stack at some point, so deliberately reserved some of my heroes in that element. In wars I typically end up facing a strong team with Kunchen at some point, so I’m kind of accustomed to reserving them for that. In this war that situation never materialized and I burnt Joon, Onatel, and Leo. If I could have planned out all six flags fully (or go back and do them again) of course I’d sub two of them into my second attack for Gretel and Mist. But at the time that’s a much harder decision to make.

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Thank you for the information Ivy. You are quite the skilled player.

The staff should add you to the BETA program so you can contribute your insight to the upcoming new features…

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Flag 3

I just watched this one, maybe I will come back for other ones too, but here is, despite you win, what I can say:

  • rigard and tellu both regenerate. As this doesnt stack, I strongly recommend rigard without costume. Watch for the three heroes that got hit by frida. They barely charge up and caedmon even dies later.

  • I personally would have played proteus on the right flank on drake and seshat. Both are fast in mana and if they fire, it can easily get nasty (you fail because drakes miss chance and seshat takes one out). Alberich and anzogh have not enough speed or damage to really be dangerous.

  • would have switched Rigard and caedmon to secure rigard with minions. Because the combo rigard/buddy may be very low on damage, but very capable of winning the fight and very durable.

Thats it so far, I havent seen very much tile combining “mistakes”, maybe I would have played a bit different but I think thats not what you are looking for in this thread :slight_smile:

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Flag 6.

Okay I watched the next one. As in flag 3 I would play rigard without costume.

  1. As you have melendor costumed already regenerating.
  2. Attack up also comes from heimdall.
  3. Direct heal is life guarantee. Domitia dispells regeneration too.

Maybe even 3 healers seem to be a bit too much for what I see in the defense. Marjanna and domitia are not the scary hitters, so heimdall rigard would have been enough.

After you killed kingston i would have played more tiles on domitia because then her attack would be so very low because of your kingstons attack downer.

You kill vivica and its a close call. If that doesnt work, it could happen that she heals up again and the fight gets really hard. I would maybe have focusef domitia first. If she is out of the way the combo vivica/marjana can not really put you in trouble.

@IvyTheTerrible but I have to say that I really like your playstyle and that this is not criticism. Its just to have some more options in mind. :slight_smile: hope you can take something out of it.

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Feel free to comment as you see fit! I definitely wanted my writing to focus more on team selection, and a lot of my tile play comments illustrate how the the team works together. But I’m happy to discuss the tile play - I do note several spots where I make errors.

I think the counterpoints you make about positioning and Proteus usage are valid. I kind of already got to have my say in the original post and I guess I don’t have much to add to that. As ever in this game, there are definitely multiple possible paths and it’s hard to say any one is ‘correct.’ I do 100% agree with you about Caedmon and wrote about that extensively already.

The only substantial thing I disagree with is Telluria and Costume Rigard. Yes, both HoT, but they charge up via different tiles, so I didn’t expect to have much conflict, in terms of timing. Maybe it would have been better to take Rigard’s immediate heal, but that sacrifices his attack boost. For a team that’s so light on attacking skills I really felt this was too large a sacrifice. With such an underwhelming tile attack team and very little sniping capability, to kill anyone I really need Buddy to debuff them and then Rigard to boost my attack.


haha, yeah - I think then this is just a difference in our playstyles. I never liked Rigard much, pre-costume, though I know he’s much loved in the forum. Doesn’t make one answer right or wrong, more that perhaps the immediate heal complements how you think and play and maybe the HoT is better suited to my thought process.

As with the previous flag you commented on I totally get a large immediate complements a HoT better - 100% agree, no counter-argument to be made. I would guess I value the attack buff more than you do. And I do like having multiple counter options, generally (to Kingston’s attack debuff, in this case).

If I had normal Rigard then I agree with your comment to intentionally charge Domitia while she’s under Kingston’s effect. As it was, I had just fired Costume Rigard on that turn, so I didn’t want her to dispel my buffs.

Thanks for your comments! I do enjoy reading about other thought processes and I feel the approaches you’re suggesting are valid. As this is my sixth flag I think a LOT could be changed. Probably the biggest is like you say about the 3 healers. I think a 3/2 with only 2 greens would have been a good choice, as I did have some powerful pruples left (Seshat +0, Victor, more Protei, Costume Tiburtus).

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@IvyTheTerrible Are you part of the “Cracking open a cold one” alliance? If so, we are battling you right now. We are Groot! :grin::+1:t2:

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