I've got Owl 5*

Hi guys, today I got the Hero 5* Guardian Owl (Yellow).
My team is

Its a improve? Should I change wukong with guardian owl?

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DON’T touch him.

He is the worst 5*.

Pfff Really? Wukung is better even in story mode? Raid etc…

Sadly… Yes.

But you can wait for other opinions if you don’t trust me.

Boh… My first 5* and I cannot use him… Why did they create an useless hero 5*??

Of course you can use him. But you should level Wu Kong until he is maxed. If you don’t have another yellow one by then, level Owl. For purple titans you should use two yellow heroes for better results, so Owl would do great there.

Feel free to level him to 2/60 after getting done with Wu, but I would certainly not give him any orbs or darts unless you literally have nothing else to work on.

I did within the last week lose a raid to that fool :owl: but it was just bad planning on my part.

Owl is now a beast! I’ve seen him take 4 players out in one special. Love him or hate him. I would keep.

Oh yes definitely keep! Never get rid of a 5*…like I did with my duplicate Natalya. :disappointed:

Me too got rid of her and owl as I wasn’t going to use… regret it now

But the fact is that wukong is better, isn’t it?

At what respective levels of hero development?

I rolled way too much and only got Owl and Kong (no Delilah nor Panther, either one I would’ve been happy with the results) and may simply take Owl to 80 for spite.

Nothing really better to do with the darts on that account and it just became another $5/month budget account. Meh.

I created a new thread about this Hero.