I've got a feeling- RNG is spying on my inventory

That this game i worse than NSA :rofl:
I dont know if this have been ever brought to the forums, but do you believe [or have a suspicion] that when you open a chest, receive something from a titan or a war, or train a hero, do you think that the game make a quick search in your items or heroes to give you the materials or feeders that you dont need?!
It really cant be a coincidence that i have like 15 shields or like 11 trap tools and every time it gives me a shield [i once got, not too long ago 2 sturdy shields from a titan :joy: ] or a trap tool but i dont have any green or dark heroes to ascend. But i have some 4* at 3/60 and like 3 5* at 2/60 that are all waiting for that forth warm cloak, hidden blade or magical orb and magically every time i get shields or trap tools.

Same with training feeders, I try to get tons of backpacks for the TC2 and like 1 every 10 or 15 heroes that come out of the training camp are the same color as the one im training. I even do TC5…9 just to have the same color so i can easily train their ability to the max at early stages; and your waiting an hour for a 1*. I dont know but seems fishy to me. :rofl:

Aight have a good one and know theres some irony in my thread but is not that far from whats is really happening :scream:



Don’t think about elephants!
What you are thinking right now? :face_with_monocle:


For real though if you are below level 35-40, you should alway train one hero of each color at the same time

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Still aint got a mf cloak from since, this ish is disgusting. Got like 5 shields and 3 trap tools tho :poop:

I’ve been pretty lucky. First mats that I had together were for purple, and Sabina was the first at 3/60. As Caedmon and Triton hit the wall, I got the last thing I needed for each of them. Boldtusk and Wu Kong have been at the wall for a while, but now I’m missing just one blade and one orb (and just got the last glove so I don’t have to make any hard decisions about who to level when). Unless Wilbur hits 3/60 before the blade comes, of course.

I feel the same way about Damascus Blades. I have enough materials to max out 2 5s of each color siting in my inventory and simply can not get blades. Ever. Have got 1 from loot in 7 months playing the game. The other 4 have been from buying them.

I’ve probably got literally double the amount of items for yellow 4 and 5* as any other 4 & 5*. I have no yellow 5* (other than copies) to max at the moment and am tempted to max a 2nd Leo (also could do a 2nd Justice but won’t ever do that)…if I did that I would STILL have enough to max Joon and Vivica should they ever show up.

Do you do the hard quests ?

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Yep each time they are up. Been able to for a few months now. December was the last blade I seen in a quest. They don’t seem offered much.

Perhaps the real place to get them is titans? I’m in a smaller guild who just started doing 6* titans and I know the loot table is weak usually. But I still figured more blades would appear in monthly quests.

Think of it this way: When you get the hero of the AM you’re stockpiling - no wait.

I think they are spying on our alliance chat. Every time I say I’m going to quit the game next week if I don’t get whatever ascension items I’ve been lacking for a long time, 2-3 months later I get it!

There are 7 rare quests (farholme is twice, and one of them offers the Damascus blade) and they repeat in a rotation, so you should be able to get a blade every 7 weeks.

In fact I believe this week that is the quest.

I am waiting on the Damascus blades for several heroes, yet have an alliance member with several but not the other mats to ascend.

Maybe they ARE watching us! :cold_sweat:

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i blame it on the evil genies. they control the summon gate so why not spy on u as well? (rng stands for real nasty genies doesnt it?)

that last was in reply 2knife wonder’s comment. this thing is so skewed lol

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