I've gone free to play and it feels great

Most of us recognise that Empires has been steadily heading in a pay to win direction for a long time, and it’s certainly no revolution to me after around two years ingame. I was already getting fed up after reading the recent developor Q&A where almost every answer was some variant of ‘can’t do that, it’ll be bad for the game economy’ ‘won’t even consider this, bad for the economy’ but the very last straw for me was the reduction of Atlantis time, my main farming time ingame.

Now I am only one player and the amount I spent ingame although not whale sized, was decent. “I don’t buy alcohol or smokes or fast food or coffee, lots of people spend what I spend on Empires on those things!” I reasoned with myself, buying an offer that only gave me yet another dissapointing 3 star filled 10 pull. But hopefully if this reaonates with others and gets them to consider if they ought to keep spending, it won’t just be me. There’s a whole nospend movement out there for anyone who feels the game developers are simply in it for the money and care nothing about their customers.

It’s changed my entire game play style. I used to gear everything up for Atlantis so I could farm backpacks to run 2 or 3 tc2s to train up 10 heroes at a time. Now I won’t have the input of many new 5 star heroes to train, plus a much lower rate of 4 star mats to ascend them, I won’t need to train the same amount of feeders. Oh I’ll keep all my loot tickets and world flasks for Atlantis still, but won’t ever buy these items the way I used to.

I’m lucky I’m in a position to go f2p. I’ve finished upgrading all my buildings, HA10 gives me a small chance at HoTMs I’ll miss - and that’s likely to be most of them from here on out - and I’m lucky I was able to spend so much and get some of the heroes I wanted most. I got Guardian Panther and Fenrir, Heimdall and Thor, Devanna and Uraeus, thanks to spending. Am I ever likely to now get Miki and Eirora & Fluffy now I’m not spending? Not likely, but I can come to terms with that and enjoy the game with what I have.

I’m most going to miss getting routine HoTMs, buying my alliance mates the mythic titan offer, and the rush of that rare 10 pull that presents a 5 star hero, but I’m looking forward to my f2p life and having more money for real life enjoyment! If you’ve read my story this far, thanks! If you have a different pov on the game know you are welcome to share it but it won’t affect how I feel about Empires these days. Good luck ingame everyone!




I’ll spend enough for us both :laughing:. No worries. Enjoy yourself and spend on what makes u happy. :beers:


Same here, buddy, welcome! :slight_smile:

I have accumulated 20+ unique 5* heros waiting to be leveled (and more than few dupes) during my spending days, it’s time to appreciate them and not to care about newest additions. That keeps popping up almost every day. No 5* or HoTM since that decision, but that’s the reality of people who don’t spend here. Time to be humble and greatful for things you already have. :slight_smile:


Welcome! Welcome! It’s great to chill with what you have built up. Enjoy the fruits of your labour. :))))


Don’t worry mate, I only buy valor packs and the occasional small gem pack or VIP pass. Got Hunters lodge to level 9 now and Alchemy Lab to level 7, so just about finished building.
My point is that I have Miki, not sure how I got him, maybe got enough coins to do a 1 pull in an event. Never done a 10 pull on gems but have TC 20 going all the time and done a few transmutations in the Alchemy lab.
The only NON S1 5* heroes I have are Miki, Heimdall and Zulag.
Been playing for over 4 years and 20 5* heroes plus 20 unleveled 5* copies.


Congrats, you seem to have adjusted from spending to no-spending quite well! Glad you can still enjoy the game despite such a big change!


Wtg mate. I have 3accounts . .2 c2p 1 is no cc so completely free. I have just as much fun with f2p to be honest and knowing how to set things up helps so no shortage of heroes…just a but slow levelling up…but this game is all about patience imo

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Although I’ve always been a C2P, I too have cut my spending. Traditionally I have only spent the vip pass and the path of valor since it came out, plus very rarely some small Offer, like the 200 gems for 2€ that you see in Atlantis, I may have bought that twice a year or so, whenever I’ve been close to making a large pull and needed that small boost.

Still, in the nearly three years I’ve been playing I have been able to build a roster composed of all the classic heroes (of some, several copies), four classic 5* hero costumes (Vivica, Elena, Joon and kadilen), and many more unique HOTM (Kunchen, he was indeed my first 5* hero, hel, Alby, telly, Miki, devana, uraeus, seshat and a few others), Valhalla heroes (frigg and sif) and a few event and seasonal heroes such as the black knight, lady Locke and Morgana le fay or santa, to a total of around 60 unique 5* heroes.

I stand up comfortably against virtually any raid contender, when I go raiding (which I do often since it’s by a mile my fav part of the game) I don’t even bother looking at whom I’m fighting against, I just hit attack and tend to be victorious.

So I’m in that boat too, this is the last POV for me and I have already cut my vip and other offers.

It feels good, and because the money grab has definitely taken a toll on my interest for the game, I’ve gone passive. I have a decent empire to enjoy, I login casually, make a couple raids, auto play my way out of 90% of interesting quests and leave. And I’m comfortable and happy now that I’m not all day paying attention to whether I’ve hit a milestone or not.

It will be over when it’s over, but I’m not coping with the increasingly cash grabbing attitude of small giant, even if my spending was virtually nothing.


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