I've been really lucky

I’ve been quite lucky with my 100 hero Free Training Camp! :wink: I got Poseidon first try, a few 3’s, then Magni, a few 3’s, and yesterday I got Vivica, then today, drew Richard?! I’ve always wanted these heroes, of course, but, which ones are priority? Any advice?


In my honest opinion, it all depends what is in your roster and what you need most. And what Tank you need for defence and war etc.
If you run with a Blue tank in war - Richard is very good especially if you get his costume.
Magni and Poseidon are both very good and both worth levelling. But out of those two I would go with Poseidon first.
Good luck


I’ve gone up against Poseidon once… I went with my best team and I got mutilated. I vote for him. The others are good too, but Poseidon would be the one I’d go with. I wish the E&P gods would bless me with one. I’d take really good care of him!


Wait you got Poseidon from ct20?
What poseidon are we talking about?
Lvl poseidon 1st he is a s2 hero so I assume you get him from Atlantis portal with free Atlantis coins…


What is the ‘100 hero Free Training Camp’?

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Considero igual que tu…Que es según tu lista… nada de suerte…!!!

Hi @Giggles47759
It is when your training camp has been upgraded to level 20 and you use the last level to train with. It costs 100 recruits and 297k food and takes 2 days to “train”.

Hope this helps?

Yeah but Poseidon is not in this TC20, he’s a season 2 hero and they are not included.

Are you sure you don’t mean Joon?

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I was thinking that too, maybe check your activity log, it will tell you where you got the hero @TheeUnburnt

Oh I thought you were the OP lol just realized not :wink:

No, he was my first pull from my first tc20! :slight_smile:

Not Joon. I’m pretty positive?! Idk now? Maybe my 1st tc20 was Magni? Lol… I’m gonna have to look, you got me wondering now? Hmmmm…lol

I do not have Joon. I wish!

Magni must be from tc20?! Lol… Poseidon must be been another draw. But, the question remains the same…

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