I've been Atacked online

I know it’s a bit strange but I was online more than 30 min. And I was atacking 3 x the titan after the atcks I received an atack log that I was revenged 2 min ago. I don’t mind losing 42 cups, but it’s unfair to me, I was atacking a titan (online about 30 min. ) and been revenged.

Seeing the amount of cups you have, you were in the top 100, and then you can be attacked even while online.


Never heard of that. Top 100 can be Atacked wile online??? And yes I was at 65 more or less

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Yep, it’s been like that for as long as I can remember


Otherwise anybody in top 100 won’t ever go offline anymore.

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You’re too greedy for cups :wink: we want some of them too :stuck_out_tongue:

You can even buy shields in the shop to bypass this rule…

Hmmm. Nope. Shields as a limit of 2600 cups below

No. I mean you can buy in the shop raid shields. When they are active you cannot get attacked.

Can’t buy them if you’re over 2600 cups


There’s a limit 2600 to be able to purchase that. But I really don’t want to purchase that Shields… Cups go cups come. That’s the game.

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Did anyone even ever buy any of those shields? A single one ever?

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Yup. I’ve seen it. Have no idea why anyone would, but have definitely seen it.

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No, but lots of WE.

Those shields are the most senseless offers in the shop.

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