It's war against Titan Apocalypse


Seems like we are fighting you guys! I will posts videos of my fights against you in this thread (unless it’s not the sort of thing that the forum accepts? ) looks like you have a slight power advantage over us. Cheers and Goodluck

:rose: A Player By Any Other Name... Where does your Game Name/Forum Name come from?
Become part of the apocalypse
Become part of the apocalypse

Good luck … but I have a feeling it’s us who will really need it!


Ooh. This will be fun. You can post videos here but only if you post to YouTube first I’m told. I don’t know how to do that. However, we’re in Line. If you reach out to me, we can set up a Line room to share. Haven’t been successful so far in trying this (opponents haven’t been interested or used discord). Maybe this is the time?


Just to put up the intimidation factor, this was from a few minutes ago.


Congratulations! It’s about time we’ve had an opponent worthy of our efforts :joy:

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@zephyr1. We use Line. They use discord. Any thoughts on how to share videos? You seem to have this internet thing down. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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We can do our talking here and I’m sure if the community feels like you are unduly picking on us, they’ll come to our support!


I’ll ask @Talakas1 to explain how he makes videos. We posted some right here on the forum during our previous war. @zephyr1 said it was okay to do so, as long as our opponent treated us with the respect we deserve!

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I’d like to think we’re a respectful group. I’m probably the worst of the bunch and I’m really not all that bad. :slight_smile:


Glad I wore my boots before joking this :joy:

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Glad I wore my boots before joining in on the chat… dang predictive text gets me every time… :roll_eyes:


I never had any doubts and we wouldn’t have started teasing you if we thought otherwise!

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Posting them on the Forum is fine, but like @littleKAF said, the videos have to be hosted somewhere else, like YouTube. The Forum doesn’t support uploading videos directly.


Congrats on #1 spot. Best I ever managed was #2 in the US.


@Tyler-Durden are you sure you’re not too busy defending your title to even fight this war?

I think you should just give yourself a well-deserved break.

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Lol, nah… I’m good :wink: it’s bedtime soon but was waiting for a few attacks to retaliate back and maybe break my high trophy count. Probably won’t happen tonight

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Ruthless Warriors?!? I think we’re battling you in war! First time I see a name I recognize in war (I’m bad at recognizing names).

If y’all have Line, reach out to me. Let’s set up a war chat and share.

By the way, I’m the trash talker if my alliance. I think some find it childish but I enjoy a little smack talk. I think it’s from growing up in the 90s in the east bay. Represent!

:rose: A Player By Any Other Name... Where does your Game Name/Forum Name come from?

We use discord, no line, sorry.

We can trash talk with the best of them, keeping it friendly and fun :grin:


So do we do our trash talking on the forum? :thinking:


@zephyr1 could you please merge @littleKAF posts (related to our war) to this link