It's time to update Liannas super mov fx

Hi everyone. Hope everyone is doing ok in these times. Stay safe please! I rarely post unless needed but I really feel SG is more than financially capable of updating Lainnas’ 1 dimensional super move arrow fx. I can’t be the only one who would want to see it updated.

Please consider it.

It’s been updated with her costume if you’re talkin about adding an additional effect other than just raw damage

If you’re talking about the graphic effecf, i actually like the simplest graphic effects as they don’t boggle up the screen or take all day to finish(zimkitha effect is probly one of the most annoying imo…sooo slow…)


I’m only suggesting for super move fx. 1 dimensional arrows seems lazy at this point in the game. Even master lepus got new ice fx. I was thinking doing something like Athena, Gregorion or Alasie fx. So yes cosmetic change only.

Ah got it

I can see why it’s appealing to some

But personally i got nothin to add so I’ll go ahead and bow out

Hopefully someone else agrees with you and you guys can get an improvement

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