It's this possible?

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Yes, this is possible.

You might want to set a better defense team.

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He wasn’t in game more than 11h. Also he have hight lvl of watch tower. It’s normal result

Why is there still the same loot gained?

Max loot gained is now based on team power and cups (if I remember right) and his watchtower were full (always max resources lost)

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Also there’s difference between gained loot and loosed loot

Every morning when I start to play the game I get -50/-150 …but now -457? Really ?its the moment when you are close to delete the game lol :joy:
I have the tower at lvl 12,I was building the fortress food and mine is so important the tower to not be attacked?or the defense team?

Sometimes that just happens…I lost -406 over a single lunch hour once.

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Hi @Allex ,

My comments:

  1. Yes, this is not uncommon albeit it is on the high side imo. I have lost over 400 cups on more than 1 occassion.
  2. Usually I have larger cup losses when I rise to a level of cups that far surpasses my team strength to defend effectively. I have reached almost 2900 cups on occassion but quickly get smacked down to my “normal” 2450-2550 level. You hit ceilings but your floor will continue to rise.
  3. On occasion, I accidentally set the wrong defense so double check that you have chosen the correct team for your defense.
  4. If #3 doesn’t apply, then perhaps post your current defense and mention some other strong heroes you aren’t using and get some feedback on your setup.

I saw the picture posted and had the exact same question as @Pois1 had.

Then I saw your responses. @FraVit93 and @MikhailUlt
So is the number of how much a player would lose when he/she got raided and lost not the same as what is lost? I don’t get raided often, and certainly not in swift succession like OP. I would think the resources lost would be declining constantly.

But now it looks to not be the case, do the players actually lose resources when raided and lost?

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Sorry, don’t get this part. As I can see, there’s a difference between loot getting by raids and loot loosing by raid. So when player A raids player B he gets 10k meat and player B lose 5k meat (example).

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It seems to be a fixed amount (based on when you log out) that also prevent to be emptied.
I were too hasty and have collected my resources here, maybe I’ll post another screen tomorrow

Here we go: 4 attacks with the same stolen resources amount:

  • WT meat / Max WT meat = 80559 / 13320 = 60,4%
    • Stolen meat / WT meat = 46681 / 80559 = 57,9%
  • WTiron / Max WT iron = 46441 / 76800 = 60,4%
    • Stolen iron / WT iron = 26920 / 46441 = 57,9%

I’ll bring my WT to 20 and collect stuff, hoping that my targets will also bring their WT to 20 and “let me” collect resources :wink:

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Yes, although the way I phrased my question might not make much sense, I was essentially asking what you have tried to explain, which was whether player A was raided and lost and showed that he was out 10k ham and 5k iron really did lose that much from his Watchtower.

So… Even though it looks like you were raided 7 times (lost all 7), it doesn’t mean each time you lost, you lost that much out of your Watchtower?

So I take it that it really just takes a snapshot of how much your Watchtower has when you logged out and are raided. But the question is, do you lose actual resources from watchtower after being raided? Because based on those numbers you lost each of those 7 times, it would’ve likely cleaned you out when you log back into the game.

Nah, they were the same attackers (4 attacks) and the attacks taked place while my WT were almost full and then stopped to make it refill.

It can be strange but when I woke up I never get attacked enough to not collect around 50% of my WT