Its the house who always wins

this may sound like a rant from a loser but i have no way of releasing this but through healthy conversations in a forum.

i have my share of victories on raids and wars. i dont even mind if there are over powered characters in the game. i have fought ‘players’ who have telluria and vela with level 60+ and even if i my level is way lower than them i still have my chances of wins. same goes to getting defeats from a ‘player’ who has a level way lower than me. i dont have the best fighting characters but im sure if i stack 2 against their tanks, i have a chance of winning. because i enjoy the game i also pay for some things i want to speed up.

here’s the part that i dont understand, i think the AI of this game decides whether you win or not, not because you have the best characters or you are an awesome strategist that you can simply win every time like rock paper scissors. you cannot win over a player who can control and limit the colored tiles and thats the bottom line. your next move is already pre calculated or pre empted when you select your characters against your selected opponents. an AI opponent-- simply the house. thats why you cannot revenge a actual player when he is active, he has to leave the game first so the AI will represent for him. now the wisest move is to always leave the best of the best defense team that you have and rely everything to the AI’s ability.

i think im left with these questions, why cant the developer of this game rely on the ability of an imperfect and flawed active player so it would make us feel that we also can think and we can battle real people with real thinking abilities. why would AI’s represent to fight an active player? why are the active players only empowered in selecting their best defense and let the AI do the rest?

i know you cant compare this to MMORPGs but you know that there is human spirit if the pilot did not use their skill effectively or they have an oversight that creates advantage and disadvantages.

i am just thinking out loud. i will still play the game just to kill time but thanks for listening.

I cant think of any player that could play worse than the AI


I do before my morning tea lol


This is why I cannot look at my phone when I put it on autoplay.

"Wait a minute… what are you doing? You could’ve made a shard there…

Why the hell did you use your best sniper’s special attack on an enemy that had less than 10% health when there’s another one on the other side with full health?


Really??? Monster is red, you had a perfectly good chance to match up a full set of blues directly beneath him, but you went with the greens on the edge instead. Great. MAKES PERFECT SENSE." :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:



everytime on a pve… autoplay is outrageously dumb and mentally challenged…

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Ooh look everyone, somebody Necro’d the Necromanser! Yay!


Yea had little extra time yesterday and today…lol

Which idk. It’s tough to turn away from the community even if I’m not playin the game. And i mean i dont even know if I’m never playin the game again. Like at the time that was the plan but old habits die hard and i think if i could just let go of the bullsh** outside of the gameplay, the game wouldn’t be AS unenjoyable. Just hard to only focus on the gameplay when the future and past and present of the other stuff is still in the back of my mind


Not sure what you mean on the BS side of things exactly

But I do know that this game can be frustrating and consuming . It’s healthy to take a break and re evaluate occasionally for your own mental health. So good on you for that - I think you stepping away has been a powerful example to others that not everything is right with the game, and you have to look after yourself

Woah that was heavy! Welcome back anyway, I have always enjoyed your insights and sarcasm

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That is the funniest thing I have seen all week, and I can totally relate.
I autoplay when at work, and I make sure to turn my screen over so I dont have to watch :slight_smile:


Decisionsn of the developers in past, present, and future

Some of the nonsense i read in this forum(nope i wont mention any by name but there are some users who literally contribute worse than nothing to the community. They only hop on to bash & troll others, have nothing good to say about the game, other players, or even themselves for that matter. And for some reason a few of them have some weird super stalker crush on me lol)

Then there’s other alliances with the unfound theories that their :poop: doesn’t stink

Just a lot. I could go all day about stuff that is suckin the fun out of the game which is why i decided to just set it aside. Uninstall, dont look at it or play it. First thought was to walk away from line and forum but that was easier said than done, not because of some “addiction” that people enjoy pointing a finger at these days, but just because i give a :poop: about those I’ve come across and i genuinely enjoy the conversations.

And a small part of me is still optimistic that the game’s future will change course from what it’s goin to be and be closer to what it could be(or even used to be)


@Rigs the rollercoaster ride you’ve been on seems to be a common experience. A lot of us don’t or can’t express our frustrations and disappointment publicly. I’ve appreciated your willingness to share with the community.

You and many others have made the forum a fun place to hangout, converse or just lurk. There’s been an obvious silence here the last few days. I’m glad your chiming in and I hope you find a way to enjoy the game as much as you used to.

I know you have the crew as your home, but if you ever need a low stress place (expectation and bs free) to hang your hat you’re always welcome in Strange Circles.


I’ll keep it in mind for sure man, the offer is much appreciated. Always thought it’d be cool to hang with you guys a bit


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