Its that time again [who to ascend or wait]

So its my first thread, i usually like to make decisions by my own, but i wanted to hear a second opinion on this matter.
Who would you ascend between these blu heroes if you had to, without taking into account the defense or attack team you have. Just like if you had to pick an all around better hero for farming/campaign, offensive raids and titans.
I have Boril and Grimm maxed out. Then I have Sonya 3/60, Aegir 2/60 and Thorne 2/60.

I like Sonya because, it has some nice stats, cleanse enemies and she is fast. [but she is not a 5* hero :sweat_smile:]

I know all about the drama surrounding Aegir, i’m impartial to it, but it could have definitely been a better hero especially since he is a hero of the month, nonetheless i have used him a bit at 2/60 and its not that bad when you control the board or him, so it could be a good attacking ‘‘tank’’. No way im gonna put him in my defense as a tank in the current state. [maybe as a flank]

I really don’t know what to think about Thorne, to me its just a mediocre 5* and the fact that his special doesn’t have a second ability its really a let down, but hey I cant complain since i’ve got it from my TC20 on my third try after i’ve finished the TC20.

I’m inclined to bump Aegir to 3/70 so i can try it a bit more [maybe in the meantime the devs will give him a revise too].
I’m f2p and I recently got the sixth scope, so i kinda want to keep in mind that i could eventually get one blu to 80. [so i could eventually wait for a Magni or Isarnia from TC20 and take one of those to the max].

Tell me what you think and sorry for the long story long :joy:

ps: just to give you a cue, my defense team is near 3450 power [having from 2050 to 2200 cups].

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Sonya 3/60, Aegir 2/60 and Thorne 2/60.

Sonya is a good heroes imo. Rare are the heroes that allow to dispell every ennemies bonus & only for that, I’d up her. And she has a decent defense for a 4*.

Just my opinion, wait for some more :slight_smile:

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Yeah Sonya is a great 4*. I just wanted to move over and bring a 5* to my game [since now i have the scopes too] but i know the options are not that great. I’ll probably ascend her once i finish taking a dark 5* to 3/70 and maybe in the meantime i get a nice surprise from the TC.
If only Aegir could get a buff… oh well.

They’re all Paladin, so that doesn’t really make a difference in the call.

Thorne’s special only hits about 30% harder than Sonya’s in terms of damage, and doesn’t have the buff removal. It’s just hard to find much to love about Thorne.

Aegir is just kinda dangerous to his flanks. The usual strategy in raid is to dump tiles into him in until he fires, then hit his weakest flanker hard. You can certainly catch out attackers who naively stack green against him. But in general, I’d worry about how he’ll hold up for you as your cups increase. Of course, there’s a buff probably coming at some point…

So I guess my advice is Sonya. She’s a very solid hero, and I don’t think you’ll be sorry you ascended her. I think your risk of regret for Thorne and Aegir will be higher.

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