🎂 It's Staff Appreciation Day aka 'Petri Day'!

Morning Guys and Gals.

As some of you know, today has arbitrarily been chosen to be the Staff Appreciation event, fondly known as Petri Day.

If you posted some of the beautiful and hilarious content in the planning thread, please post it here.


  • the first rule is don’t talk about Fight Club…wait…er
  • we all know that there are issues with the game. Complaining about the game is off-topic on this thread, please find a different one.
  • Moderators aren’t staff - the amazing Rook and Coppersky have cake days of their own
  • There is only one slice of Battenburg cake each, sorry

Just for a giggle, feel free to change your in-game avatar to Derric/Layla, in honour of our friendly staff. I assume Mhalltu will be available in the avatar shop soon?

Please enjoy and share some fun with the folks who help run the game and this great community!



@Duaneski @Tough_E_Nough @Azure @anon96970591 @psycho-mantis @Witch @TheChef @Kerridoc @flint

If you have content please post it here!


@KLinMayhem @Kikyo @FraVit93 @Branwen @Annieb @therocketcat @Jedon

If you have any content, please post it here.

I can only link 10 per post…

@Brobb - ChocaMocha Latte please


@Petri @sara @mhalttu @EmpiresPuzzles @davidsgg @RubiKinga @Caio

Thank you all for your hard work in developing the game and engaging with us patiently and with good humour!

Please share the love with the rest of the team.



@Petri : just simply : thank you !
for answering to the point, for ypour sympathetic help and guidance, for being “insulted” and harassed all the time by those who can’t cope with their own frustrations. Really a hero-job!

Thank you


I would like to express my thanks to all the staff - thank you for doing a job that is largely thankless and still remaining calm and pleasant. Most thanks to @Petri - who is our community manager and takes way too much unjustified verbal abuse here. There are those of us here that truly appreciate what you do.

As for coming up with some truly creative content for today, I have to admit my brain was just @Petri -fied, so my thanks are all I have to offer.


Hope you enjoy your binary day @Petri
Just make sure you don’t eat the cake all in one go lol


Thank you @JonahTheBard for organising this
Not quite the bard of Corellia but here’s my contribution:


Petri this and Petri that - he’s always who we run to
Today I’d like to raise a glass to the glorious Mhalttu

Listening to our gripes of war, and never getting blue
Sorting out our matching pain, the ineffable Mhalttu

A million score on titan rare, what has the game come to !
But an extra quest we’re grateful for, oh generous Mhalttu

We love this game and all the staff, though at times it may not seem so
@Petri, @Sara thanks to you - but most of all @mhalttu




what to say after all the previous writings, to which I adhere.
Simply, thank you to all the team.


Dearest staff of small giant,

many thanks for the hard work to create such a wonderful and addicting game for us.
I apprechiate your efforts and hope you all will stay in touch with the Forum for further improvements!


Thank Petri and awesome SG staff for a year of fun!image image


Hero of the Day

@Petri… no, wait, they put the wrong name on the card, this is Petri, everyone knows that…


Scene: Small Giant’s Offices, Helsinki. A rugged, brawny Finn - @Petri - strides into the office. @Mhalttu - strikingly handsome but dishevelled and with bloodshot eyes - is slumped in a chair.

Petri: Greetings, Mhalttu! How was your weekend?

Mhalttu: Have you been reading the forum, Petri? Do you see what they have been saying about the change to the power metric?

Petri: For my weekend, I cut down some trees, built a longboat, then sailed it on the Baltic.

Mhalttu: I told them exactly what the change was, explained its purpose and effect, reassured them that it would not affect hero performance, and they’ve still spent the last week and a half arguing about it. What is wrong with them?! Why are they so bitter and disbelieving?!

Petri: Calm down, man. Do you know what today is?

Mhalttu: Why aren’t you wearing a shirt?

Petri: There was a special request.

Mhalttu: Please put a shirt on. Your pectoral muscles are unreasonably masculine.

Petri: Okay, my friend, okay. When was the last time you slept?

Mhalttu: Who can sleep when the forum is overflowing with such drivel? Why does that shirt have your picture on it?

Petri: This is a little something that Rook whipped up. Read what it says, go on. What day is it?

Mhalttu: That shirt is too small. Your nipples are tearing through the fabric.

Petri: It’s Petri Day! Today is Petri Day! Happy Petri Day, Mhalttu!

Mhalttu: Whatever, dude. [Swigs vodka from half-empty bottle.]

Petri: Come now, you need not be jealous! Today is a day for all staff that just happens to be named after me. Sara! Are you here, Sara?

A hooded figure, lithe and stealthy, emerges from behind the coffee machine in the kitchenette. This is @Sara.

Sara: You called for me, Petri?

Petri: Happy Petri Day! Here - I got you a shirt.

Sara: Um… thanks.

Petri: Put it on! Join the Petri-bration!

Sara: Why don’t you keep it. Your awesome musculature seems to have torn your shirt to shreds. Do you sharpen those nipples?

Petri: Come now! We finally have a day to celebrate our collective achievements - Petri Day! Why am I the only person who is excited about this? Staff! Staff! Come out!

Six frightened faces pop up like meerkats from within their cubicles: @Caio, @Davidsgg, @J.o, @na.na, @ninja and @sofii.

Petri: I have shirts for everyone! I brought fresh reindeer meat and pickled herring! Today everyone is permitted to take a lunch break! Happy Petri Day, everyone!

Staff: [Obviously terrified.] Yay! Hooray for Petri!

Petri: Not for me! It is not about me. It just happens to be named after me. Today is a day to celebrate all our achievements. Especially mine.

Mhalttu: Can I borrow your drugs?



A big thanks to all SG staff for making this great game and special thanks to @Petri, @Sarah and @Mhalttu.


/runs in hurriedly, making a beeline to the food table

Hope I’m not too late, here’s a couple of Petri dishes for the party!


Thank you staff for the only game I play daily… ok, maybe more than daily. Alright, I check my phone pretty much every hour. Your work is much appreciated :partying_face:


I’ll chime in too! :heart_eyes: – Hooray, hooray for it is Petri Day.

Thanks @mhalttu @Sara @Petri (and to all of you behind the scenes that I’m not able to tag) for listening to us whining, complaining, ■■■■■■■■ and so on. It’s because we all love the game so much! Really love all the new content, and all the finetuning in war matchmaking made me adore that part of the game! So thank you all, and keep the good stuff :D.


Lots of fun today all you masters of e&p…


Like for the bat signal if you tag him on a Bugs & Issues topic he’ll quickly come and save the day!
One petri is worth more than any legendary heroes, thanks to exist.
(to notice that a woodsman does well with staffs)

Thanks for Mhalltu and all of his efforts to bring us a sane gaming experience with war and matchmaking changes and thanks to Sara, that bring order to the chaos we make on the forum :slight_smile:


@Petri @sara @mhalttu @EmpiresPuzzles @davidsgg @RubiKinga @Caio


Hello Petri, our dear friend

we’ve come to talk with you again

Because this game rocks our world

Left me dreaming of Vivica’s twirl

And the vision that was planted in my brain

Still remains

Within the drop of titan loot
In restless dreams I’m raiding all

And sometimes i am winning tall

'Neath the halo of a street lamp

I check my heroes in my training camps

When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light

yes I lost some cups alright

and hoped for great titan loot
And on my bright screen I did see

A tome of tactics dropped for me

I was screaming without speaking

To my joy I saw that was peaking

I was hoping for that farscope to show

Don’t you know

and yell for great titan loot
Fools, said I, you do not know

Empires and Puzzles rules the show

Hear my words that I might teach you

How to raid against guin and Joon

To reach the top hundred for a time, a short time

And see some more titan loot
And the players bowed and begged

To Petri and to the devs

Please give us better drop odds!

For the love of our dear God

And the devs said, We’ll put it on the backlog

working all night long

For the love of titan loot