It's raining loot tickets

Whenever I get the it’s raining loot tickets offer, I’m always broke and it ends the before I get paid. I was wondering if it could be moved to Wednesdays

I feel like if you’re “Broke”, moving the date so one can buy it probably isn’t a good idea…?


I hope we have a fixed date when this offer shows up so that people wanting it can get ready for its arrival.

Yeah I’d rather a fix date as I spent cash on pirates I think it come up the next day, i would spent some on pirates and then on the loot tickets.
I do think it comes twice a month though maybe just before Ar.

Please make sure you have food on the table, a roof over the head, utilities paid for, no outstanding debts, and your loved ones are doing well - before spending on (mobile) games. Not just this one, any of them.


Yeah having a fixed date for the offer works

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