It's raining Leonidas

In our alliance multiple members are getting a Leonidas out of TC20 again and again. Every day a couple of Leonidas are rolling out. Why is everyone getting a Leonidas out of every TC20 run? My alliance mate has 5 of them in the last 2 days and I can also build a full team of Leonidas. What is going on with the game?


Lmao i have 3 Isarnia, 3 Justice ,4 Elenas, 4 Richards, 4 Elkanens, 4 Azlar, 5 Khagans and 5 Kadilens.

But i have only 1 Leonidas buddy.


But in our alliance everyone is getting a Leonidas from every TC20 run every day. So there is something buggy going on.

It’s all random. :wink:


Your TCs simply got quins :wink:

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I will believe it once the Leonidas stop coming…
Because the chance for 1 pull to be Leonidas is already very small like 0.1% or something, and then tens or twenties of them in a row is insane.

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Ok, I’ll be the one to throw out the token ‘Be glad you’re tc20s are dropping 5*s!’ :rofl:

I go through runs like that. For instance, I went through a run of Wus. Every tc I got a Wu. Every pull there was at least 1 Wu. I think I ended up with 8 in 2 weeks.

The run of Leo’s will stop soon and you’ll be back to Oberons. There are worse things than grabbing tons of Leos! :laughing:


How many total Leo’s has your alliance received thus far? Actual number? And congratulations!


Be glad you’re tc20s are dropping 4*s!

I had a run of DAWAS.


If my tc will ever be pregnant with legendary holy quins, I hope they were female… :wink:

I wish one of my 2 TC20 dropped out at least a few 4*… Since weeks I only get 3*…

be happy you are getting something, I havent seen a 5 star from 3 tc20s running for almost 2 months now

I would love to have the Leonidas problem… I could close my Prisca factory (as one of my TC20s is unaffectionately known as)


are you guys keeping count? because since i started running TC20s, 53 pulls ago, ive only pulled a single lianna and 10 4s. 4s is about right, 20%. 5*s is now below 2% =(

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Please :crossed_fingers:
I hope my TCs get bugged launching Liannas.
Please :crossed_fingers:


The futility record on 5* is, tragically, way worse than that.

One person in 300 can expect to go 100 pulls with no 5* from TC20. And 1 person in 80,000 will go a staggering 200 pulls with no 5*. That means there are, on average, around 20 people playing E&P right now who haven’t gotten a 5* in 200 pulls…


My TC20s are raining Gunnars and Kailanis. Consider yourself lucky!

@Kerridoc that is about the best thing on randomness I’ve ever seen. I am a computational biochemist with grad and undergrad work in quantum chemistry and plenty of coding so I am fully aware of the RNG. Of course they have to be seeded blah blah so people argue they aren’t random. I find it funny that they are COMPLAINING that their alliance is all getting Leo. Not 1 guy getting a bunch but the alli all getting him. That’s a good problem to have. It could be like the rest of us and give everyone Dawas. Lol. I only check my tc20s now after 10 completes but with this im tempted to check early…lol. Maybe I got a Leo waiting. Or maybe my alli got the sartana bug(hint sg!) ty for that cartoon.


@capertillar I went thru similar. I ran 1 tc for 30 tries checking daily. First out was Scarlett, I thought ohh great start. Next were 3s for days. I got a few dupe 4s I had already plus 2 Skittles. I opened a 2nd tc20 and got all 3s. I started a 3rd and started to check when 10 were done. I went to add 100 recruits and hit the icon to collect instead on tc20.1. Out comes Karil, now I’m stuck going through more 3s until at number 9 comes Kiril(my 3rd) then finally…khagan. I decided since I screwed up I would check the others. Next I went through 9 from tc20.3 and they were all 3s except last one which was Elena. Tc20.2 was last and gladly Vivica popped 1st. Then all 3s.
I know the feeling. I’m only running 2 right now and have 6 done in each. But total so far checked was 61 total, 3 5s. That’s exactly 5%. 1 every 20 but that didn’t mean I got one every 20.
I look at it as I have collected(not including ones in there unchecked) 60 hero’s and if I did the 8400 Atlantis pull that’s 16800 gems I saved. Granted I didn’t get mats from chest or s2 hero’s but I did get 5s. Considering my only other 5 is joon from many summons incl. Atlantis, season events, special events and just regular pulls I’m happy with my tcs. I’d love sartana and magni, lianna and marjana but I take what I get and im happy. 5s don’t make the game better. And we just had 1 member pull marjana from tc20 after only like 3 tries and today another pulled magni from elemental. I used 3 tokens and got more 3*.

P.S. Epic hero Tokens should be called “not likely to get epic/legendary hero” Tokens.

If my TCs would dish out Leonidas, then they would have given me hope, hope that Sartana, Marjana are possibly closed by, but after Dawa, Dawa, Brienne, Brienne, and the like for days…weeks… Month. I just shut down those factories to use them for meaningful ventures like churning out heroes for leveling :grin:.

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