It's Raining Emblems!

With the announcement of emblem economy changes, SGG gifted us 500 emblems (50x each class). My mystic vision gave me 20x Druid emblems yesterday. War chest today had 100x Fighter emblems. There are now 450 emblems available for completion of all stages of monthly event.

So…the question is: how will this rate of emblem drops along with reduction in food/iron cost to use them impact the game in the coming months???


Everything in Diamond will be 4700 tp, everything in platinum will be 4400 tp and so on


Think it will help The game overall like 10%.

The one positive is that this fixed the issue with not being able to ascend multiple heroes of the same class. So now if you want to run 2 fighters or 2 barbs you can. So I think we will see in the next 6 months a much better variety.


God help us if the next POV will be “win 60 raids in Raids” :grin:


I think we’ll see very soon defenses with 2 heroes of the same class with 18-20 nodes. For example, combinations like Gravemaker + Kageburado , Zimkitha + Vela, Telluria + Clarissa, Guinevere + Zeline, Kunchen + White Rabbit could be seen on defense even if a few months ago, the general rule was to have 5 heroes with different classes on your defense.


I got 2 from mv, 1-3 in a few chests and alkashards were still 10 and outside the class quest haven’t received many emblems. Lucky you?

But we can now also emblem our heroes we use regularly in attack, not only the defenders.

Ehm, I did. emblem all the time only my heroes which I like for offense, so now I can also bring up a highly emblembed defense :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway, winning against 4700+ defenses is possible with 4000 teams when you chose your attackers wisely and do not suffer by a really bad board.

War’s will get interesting.


That’s one of the two main benefits of this change. It will take some time but eventually, players will start to have several offensive heroes at +20 too until ultimately, players will finally have 6 war teams with every hero averaging +10 emblems or better.

The second benefit is fluidity, both for tournaments, challenge events, and war. Imagine finally facing an all-yellow-tank opponent at war (remember those?). It would be pretty reasonable right now to strip some of your holy heroes and put those emblems on your dark ones. The same logic would apply to tourneys and challenge events.

The only thing we need though is raining reset emblems and I have not seen or heard evidence of this, which I find a bit counterintuitive.

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Well, this is a bummer to learn. I thought SG was increasing the emblems in shard combines as part of the emblem boost.

yeah if you already had some alkashards from before the patch the first next combine doesn’t give 30. I should get it on my next 1k tho

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hoard and stack all emblems onto your defensive lineup, then stress about moving emblems as the meta changes…

spread your emblems across a broader roster of heroes (3, 4 and 5 stars)

What will provide better QoL and game balance changes:

alliance war beta beat news about strong colors becomes reality… this may require spreading emblems around to change war defense lines ups.

they fix the big game balance problem caused by how RAID Is designed >> and evolve the RAID section of the game (which motivates players to just use the same defense line resulting in this boring Tell//Vel/GM clone line ups)… this will encourage deeper roster use.

  • solution is to get rid of Raid and replace with always ongoing 3,4 and 5 star tourneys with changing rules. This gives the player the option to “raid” everyday in all 3 levels. (And allows newer players a shot at leaderboards in their current player level.)

My situation is similar as you, no rain so far…

I think SGG realized that emblems unbalanced the game more than they were expecting so now it is an emblem bonanza and things will sorta return to the state before they were introduced. Instead of being “god I need blems and the resources” to now just extra levels beyond max.

So many Emblems! As a new player, I appreciate every little thing sent my way, but this has more than doubled my Emblem count (which was very low, of course…)

I´m not familiar enough with the ‘consequences’, if one can say that, since my knowledge of the game is so little. I heard something about how you get matched with and without emblemed heroes, but that could be speculation like the summoning methods etc. of course. Time will tell :slight_smile:

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Nuclear arms race to the top, now we have more amo :rofl:

But actually appreciate the improved tourney and challenge event rewards a lot :+1:


This is one improvement that nobody should be complaining about. GIMME, GIMME GIMME! :slight_smile:


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