It's ok SG, I know you try

I know you try so very hard to give us this satisfying gaming experience.

Maybe next time…


What color chest is this from?

Fire (20 characters)

Looks exactly like the one I just had. Except one of my items was a chain mail shirt…

I had yellow, 40 gems with 1 epic hero and 2 summon.

I wonder how often does this colored chest come out?

I don’t remember when I last time got epic hero token from color chests. Also I don’t remember when I last time got 4* ascension material from these chests. Last few times I had two 3* ascension materials, some flasks, trainers and usually 3 silver tokens. Not complaining, two 3* AM still are better than just 1 compass and nothing else.

For me, filling every chest as fast as I can, sometimes accelerating them with gems, typically filling between 25 to 30 a week, I typically get an elemental chest every week to ten days. The anecdotal reports here on the forums suggest that about one chest in 30 will be elemental, but as always with the RNG people report a lot of variance, from back to back elemental chests at one extreme, to going months between seeing them.

In last 2 months I had 8 chests and time between them from 4 to 15 days, so I think there’s really no pattern. I’m also doing about 2 chests of each type every day and skip some time, but not too much (1-5 gems).

As for loot, it’s significantly worse than when I started the game about 9 months ago (I don’t even remember getting a single silver token back then, all were gold) , but the last two were a disaster, farmable items and 20g? Come on.

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The ultimate slap in the face given the amount of investment it takes to fill the fire chest.

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I got 4 elemental chests in a row with only silver tokens. Talk about a downer.

That’s really right. In the past i was really happy when i saw a elemental chest, but the last 2 chests were really bad with the items. !!!MEGANERVED!!! - especially the Tokens.

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I also had a fire chest yesterday with nothing in it … seeing it is the difficult to fill … really bad. And the fire chest before that … also nothing … did they nerf the fire chest?

All elemental chests seem to be nerfed. For myself I do not care about filling chests as fast as possible anymore. One more thing not to care about…


I had an ice chest this morning. Got an epic hero token and nothing else.

My last colored chest had an tonic inside, the first 4* Am since months :slight_smile:

P. S. : they are nerfing quite every source you’re getting loot from :slight_smile:

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Over a month since anything came out of mystic vision too


Holy chest, just useless bulls*** in it.

My purple chest was nice. I used to think “the more gems in the chest, the fewer the other good stuff”, but that’s been my experience, not necessarily everyone else’s…