It's not me, it's you...heroes you just don't like


Simply putting the heel of those down on someone’s foot is… not very nice.


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I’m late to the party as usual :wink:, but l dispise Bane and his smirk. I have fed everyone of him l ever got. Lol


Obakan…the only one with decent naked manly leg-ature and it’s on a monster? All the half naked males are monsters.


Friar Tuck. His head is too tiny for his body. :no_mouth:


Or maybe it’s the other way around… :thinking:


Thanks for playing SandMan, but that’s definitely gonna fall foul of the forum rules.

Why not try a rethink of something a bit more family friendly :wink:


P G no worries twenty characters.


That glub grin … just wanna smack his mouth


Sorry Duaneski, you probably put more effort into your intelligent and passionate arguments for consumer protection, this is the best thing you’ve ever posted!

If I wasn’t happily married, this would be my next pick-up line :joy::joy::joy:


OMG, LMAO and crying, too! JB, you’re hilarious!


one thing is sure. i’ll never let children alone with friar tuck :poop:


I was just about to start a thread on this, but then, reviving this one. Gormek… can’t stand to look at that face. Boldtusk looks so much more like a good guy. Kiril and Boril… not sure why. Second the Graymane thing. Brienne, for the skull on her head.

From the Atlantis heroes, Chochin (lamp with teeth??) and Gill Ra for looking like the girl from The Ring… Danzaburo has a fun design, but can’t help to always notice his manboobs.

Sand heroes’ design just altogether off…

OK I could go on, but I am starting to realize the problem may be with me :smiley:


Scarlet. I just don’t like her at all. No good reason for it, just hate at first sight. Whenever she shows up from a TC20 or summon, she goes straight to feed whoever else I’m leveling.

All the other heroes I pass on, I have good, rational reasons to not use. But I just have an unreasonable dislike for Scarlet.


Prisca. Her attack is about as effective as flogging the enemy with a warm lettuce.

She was my first dark 3* and I levelled her before I knew anything about feeding techniques. So she sits there in my roster with that vacant stare at 4/8.

I keep her in my roster to remind me that I’m only ever one poor decision away from stupid.


Oberon. Starting out every god ■■■■ summon I did was Oberon. I hate him and his stupid face.


Gormek. He looks like a blubbering moron with one of those googly eyes glued on.

I’d also like to wipe the smug looks off the faces of Richard and Sir Lancelot.


Suprised to see Valen here, he has one of my fav male designs he does look smug though lol.

I dislike Gill-Ra. She’s the first hero I consider to be nightmare fuel. While Carver, Boldtusk, Cyprian, Needler, Obakon etc are just intentionally ugly, they aren’t actually scary to me like Gill-Ra is :frowning:. I saved her for some time in my hero roster but then I used her as food for Sabina because I finally got fed up looking at her horrifying face and pose. She reminds me of what Samara from the ring would look like if Samara was an unead mermaid.

No one will probably will agree with me on this one but Caedmon. He just looks so weak and awkward and is holding is hatchet in such a feeble manner. His arm holding the axe looks awkwardly too short from our POV even though I do get what the artist was probably going for, its probably a shading issue. And…yeah, in any hero line up he looks like he doesnt belong. He doesnt look weak and misplaced to me because he’s old, Melendor looks freaking awesome to me— but even though Cae looks determined, he doesn’t do it for me

Prisca’s head looks copy pasted on her body. The hair in front of her face looks awkwadly drawn in and she’s in my uncanny valley.

Domitia. Uhh to me, she’s uhh fug, and I can tell it wasnt intentional
Okay I I know some heroes are drawn with a realism or semi realism style (ex. prisca, isarnia, thorne, sonya, melendor), some are heavily influenced by cartoony/animation style (ex. richard, melia, elena, vivica) and some are inbetween with a lot of drawn and colored elements of both (ex. delilah, belith, hansel, gretel). However Domitia’s cartoony style is way too exaggerated in her facial features. Other examples of heroes with super cartoony faces are Elen and Little John but I feel like everything about their individual looks “go together” and are thus pleasing to look at if that makes sense. With the size ratio of Domitia’s eyes, eyebrows, lips and nose, they managed to maks a bobble head cartoon look like a celeb with a tad bit too much plastic surgery done. Its odd to look at for me. The super saturated colors don’t help


Olaf has possibly the worst art in the game:

It looks like lazy watercolor, his hip looks dislocated, and his legs are too short :smile:


Also, do what he is doing with his right hand/arm. Doesnt feel natural right? Lol