It's not fun

The raid system is so flawed that this game just isn’t any fun. I just uninstalled it and will not be coming back.

When I’m consistently losing to teams that are ranked 400 points lower than me, there’s something deeply broken in the system. And then I have to spend 10k+ food to get someone that isn’t rank 300 - 400 points higher than me? Just. Wow.

No thanks. I’m out. I’m just glad I didn’t actually waste my money on this game.

patience grasshopper, we all went through it, including me. Give it sometime while they improve the matchmaking system. Rome wasnt built in one day brother.

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focus primarily on missions until you’re strong enough heroes wise and economically to raid. I’ve spent thousands in food just to raid on a fair playing field.

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Sorry you feel this way. If you’d like to give the game another chance sometime, I’d suggest reading one of the many raid strategy guides available on the forums. Here’s a good one:

If not, have fun with your future gaming endeavors! :slightly_smiling_face:

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