Its not chance...its startin to feel rigged as hell with these hero pulls

I have an idea for you game dev’ls…if a person pulls 50 heroes at one time you might want to consider throwing in at least 1 5* as opposed to 37 3*s…I sincerely doubt I’ll continue to waste my money on this game…

Isn’t it odd that nobody ever thinks a game is rigged when they have a ‘winning’ streak?


@Rook - could you please consolidate these threads?

Hi @KellyNichole

That is a really bad run but still plausible, given the probabilities I’m afraid.

Many people consider a tc20 to be a more reliable source of 5* heroes

Really disappointing, but not rigged


Although I’m having Deja Vu, this thread is actually a plea to Devs to make a specific change. I may close it if it doesn’t get traffic. :slight_smile:

Based on how long I have played, I have done more than 5 10-pulls, and I also have gotten 0 5*s from pulls. So I would love it if the game had some sort of memory

I think what’s needed is a bad luck counter so that everytime you fail to pull a 5* your percentage of pulling a 5* increases a bit until you do. Then the counter can reset itself.

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