It's My Birthday! Devs, Can You Give Bday presents?


It’s a long shot, but I would love it if you guys gave birthday presents.

If you care what I need most, a telescope, a mystic ring, and a damascus blade would let me level two of my heroes.

Can’t hurt to ask-- a birthday feature would rock. Especially if you could choose your present.

Have a nice day!


Good luck…and happy birthday! :wink:


My birthday is in April, so by then, they have time to prepare some goodies :smile:

Happy birthday!


I soooo don’t think this is happening… :smile:


I hope it does as my birhday is around the corner


What about anniversary gifts? 6 and 12 months?


Is six months an anniversary? Technically speaking? :rofl:


ok. milestone. better?


You know I’m just being a wiseacre. grins