It's just getting ridiculous

I have played with homaclese & homaclesethe second and I assure you that neither of these accounts are there to clean up after anyone but on occasion themselves. Homaclesethesecond can hold his own in war and titans alike. I can tell you there is some genuine strategy being used here and thought put into each battle, unlike some who just go in slapping along with the newest heros expecting to win just because they think they should. If you still have doubts try looking for homaclese on u-tube and see for yourself.


yeah, I find those really annoying

Khufu and Sobek were on my “try to avoid” list for that very reason… though with both of them, I could often survive the initial hit (depending on how much previous damage my team took)… but often, it was those darned passives that did me in!

speaking of…if I had gotten Sobek way before, I’d have been more enthusiastic about speed-levelling him. as it is, he’s still amazing and I’m still eager, but I prioritized Lord Loki over him. he’s still great, but I also think some more powerful hitters have come out after him

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I highly doubt that. If you go mono against tank and match 3 off color tiles, there is a certain probability they will be replaced by 3 tiles of the right color against tank.
So at best if you see the starting board you can say that you will probabely loose. :slightly_smiling_face:

For me that unfortunately extends to clean ups during war.
Just yesterday I did one against a 3.5 hero team unfortunately I couldnt kill Khufu and he killed my whole team in the end with his special.
Not fun but can happen if the tiles dont like you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Sobek is really good and still relevant now. I usually pair him with Cinnamon for the defense down against ice and costume Heimdall for the attack up :smiling_face:


Starting board today in the tourney, no greens allowed.

As you can imagine, this went well :man_facepalming::rofl:

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I did the same last year over a four month period. Every starting board for raids and wars. Some 1500 boards. The average was within one of seven tiles per colour. Sure there were outliers, boards with one of a colour, others with 13 of a colour. But the long-term trend was as expected.

Many others have also done this and reached the same conclusion. Yet others have tracked replacement tiles and reached the same conclusion.


nice :slight_smile: looking forward to maxing mine! thanks for sharing your experiences

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The team you battled was designed to time you out.
They can be very frustrating to battle but beating them is almost a sure thing

Nice team and a very bad starting board. But you should bring one, better two dispellers against Ludwig.

Happy gaming


A good tip from a wise player.

I however, am not wise!



I’ve walked away from this game so many times, only to crawl back saying to myself this is just a game.

But you are so right…

I’ve made in-game purchases in the last few years, but have since stopped.

This is a game, but first and foremost a business. I’ve stopped getting angry at the game b/c it’s a business model and nothing more.

I essentially play as not to let down my alliance. Nothing more. So as long as I have that purpose, I’ll stick around.


i remember when LB2 come out some players said that it wont break the game, but now i c different result…
i am a noob player, played this game for a year, spend a lot of money but stopped recently … coz i found i will never fill up the hole… because the new heroes just keep on coming out and the old heros will be out of date…

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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Different story for me. On my ftp account i can compete more than i could before because of my lb2 3s eg felton and 4s and also my mvp star 5*

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While I agree that bad boards are more common and you have little chance of turning it around, there is the odd exception (1 in a million)

. My starting boards and win in this week VF mana 3 star raid tournament


Wow, that is definitely not the best starting board. Well done on the win.

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