It's just getting ridiculous

As can be seen in the video… This games has just become a joke.
It’s at the stage now where win or lose depends on the starting board… You might aswell be just spinning a wheel which says win or lose on it.

I know I speak for many when I say we continue to play this game because we are vested, but now it’s getting to the point where even with a good starting board you still lose.

And why is it that when they release a shiny new hero , it’s dodges/ revives, / withstands etc…are always more active? I have come across this green guy a lot over the last few days…
Quite a few times they get 100% dodge…I.e all 5 Dodge… but I have not seen a 0% dodge .I.e. it never went the other way and I dispelled all 5… I’m Lucky if I dispel 2 out of 5 . maybe because SG are trying to promote their latest news heroe to pump up sales…?.. there is definitely nothing straight about this game.

I feel cheated, I feel like I wasted my time playing this game, if I had known all those years ago it was going to turn into this joke of a game that it is now, I would never have clicked the download button.


Unfortunately one is vested only if they have spent oodles, are spending oodles, and pinky swear to keep spending. Your video even made me want to throw my phone. Cheers

  1. You are going up against a hardcore team. A loss is not anything to be ashamed or angry about.

  2. Im not sure the team you are bringing to that battle is well suited to it.

  3. Sha (the green fella) is an OP beast and all over the top defences now, sometimes twice in the same team. If you let him fire, you’re going to have problems.

  4. The starting boards havent changed. Sometimes they favour you, sometimes they hurt you, a lot of times they slightly edge one way or the other.


Yeap, this is a very difficult opponent. Even though I’ve spent quite a bit up till recently, I see I haven’t been able to keep up with the latest OP heroes, so in some cases I simply reroll.

I understand the frustration, unfortunately it’s extremely difficult to stay competitive against some of the newest heroes, no matter how good yours used to be some time ago


If I didn’t know better, that looks a lot like a gacha game. Some of those D heroes may get nerphed soon only to be followed by something more OP thereafter.

It’s hard to play this game with only snipers. That’s why you’ve lost. Also, 2 hotm and old event hero average speed and one pseudo healer doesn’t cut it any more.
I understand you were unlucky in some interactions but that team of yours just can’t cut it any more in current meta


I mean…E&P is literally a gacha game by definition.

Yeah, I’ve long expressed the sentiment that the pace of the game has increased way too much for the game’s own good, and you only get 5-6 turns to actually play the game per attack.

Matching tiles has become secondary to pulling the shiniest toys, which is a problem.


With each increasing power creep, the game has become more and more Pay2Win, skill is not even secondary but 3rd. 1st is newset+greatest, 2nd is board RNG (which for some reason always seems to be bad against tough teams, really RNG? Lol).

The whales continue paying and pretend they are skillful. Which makes me laugh in a game with clear paid advantage lol. :rofl:

You can’t even finish the impossible tower without paying gems, can there be a more clear definition of Pay2Win :rofl:


It actually has lately gone beyond ridiculous. It used to be a fun game, now reduced to a simple matter of who has more money. Look at this guy. Lvl 35 and has a full LB2 defense of top heroes. He’s no noob, by any means, he’s joined his alliance over 200 days ago. Lvl 35 means he never farms, doesn’t do map stages, doesnt’t compete in events, does nothing that may result in experience points. His troops are lvl1, so unless this is intentional, he just doesn’t care about troops. As long as he buys gems and mats, he is easily able to build top team without lifting a finger. The game is less and less worth the time it takes to play.


Meh, blame the game, not the players.

I really doubt anyone pretends there’s a whole lot of skill involved these days. Not at board play, at least.

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I’ve had whales lecture me how this is a skill based game and not Pay2Win, your experience might differ which I respect, glad we do agree this is a Pay2Win game now, cheers! :beer:


To be entirely fair, there is skill involved in picking a team composition for a particular task, but that skill ceiling is pretty low.

Board play, on the other hand, which is supposed to be the main attraction of the game, is only relevant in PvE modes.


Plus picking the right opponent if you are raiding.
It doesent have to necessarely be a super weak opponent, against my dark little pain machine ( cSabina LB2, Alfrike LB1, Ludwig LB2, Rigard LB1, PROTEUS LB1 ) a passive tank and no passive ailment blockkers are often enough. :slightly_smiling_face:
And yed Ludwig is my only LB2 hero.

Imo in E&P terms, he is a noob!
I did not met him, but would beat him in 4 out of 5 times using Lord loki to copy his Hipppo, because of his poor troops. He would be 1-2 turns to late.

Experience and skill are very important in your peer group. Big spenders usually raid and war against each other.
In midrange its more complicated, there the experienced ftp or ctp meets a new „babywhale“ with shiny toys but limited knowledge. There you have a good chance with a knowledgeable composed team, a favorable board and skillful board manipulations, to beat the shyniest new toys with older heroes.
I never lost a raid against a player below lvl50 in the last two years. I am lvl. 93 at the moment.

Happy gaming


The problem is they introduced LB2 without specific quest to gain those materials. When they introduced LB1, we had omega quest that guarantee f2p players will have enough materials to LB1 a 5* every month. Look at LB2 now, 6 months since they introduced it, still no specific quest, what f2p has is 1 aether from omega quest and 10 free pulls every month that mostly end up 0 or 1 aether which means f2p players need like 4 or 5 months just to LB2 a 5*.


It is absolutely a skill based team, within your tier and above it if you are skilled enough. Tournaments are a great representation of this.
But will skill triumph if you have a middling team vs a top meta team 1.5k tp higher? Rarely. But that is what you will find in 99% of games out there.


I have to correct you a bit!
With PoG and Omega quest you can get two alphas every month guaranteed, and with the crystalls from PoG and in the chests can make a 10-pull every month with 90 crystalls.
I am f2p and have already 3 5* heroes on LB2, one is a costume and requires 11 alphas and 8 alphas in store for the next one.

Happy gaming


“within your tier” - Lol go tell that to matchmaking. In raid you can still rerolled but even there it is obvious skew to match you with harder teams way above you. In 2400 match with a team 2600 full of LB2.

Or in tournament while have ZERO LB2 hero match with teams with 2-3+ LB2 hero.

If paid players match and compete in tournament and events with just paid players and F2P compete in another category then you can argue is not as Pay2Win. But you don’t, Spock as a whale even made a video how matchmaking is skew. It is a business practices to match you with OP opponent to entice you to spend to overcome, this is not the first game to employ this tactics and wouldn’t be the last.

Matchmaking aside, I am not really sure we have the same definition of “skill”. For me “skill” is like in FPS you can go against a player with AR and you only have pistol and you take them out because everyone have the same HP or Armor value. It is less of a “skill” for me if someone paid to have 3x the HP and armour and their gun do double the dmg.

Having played games for 20-30yrs this is not the first game I’ve played lol, I really wish ppl would stop telling me how much skill there is when even some whales get frustrated and tired with the uncontrolled the power creep. Or maybe can try your “skill” in some competitive FPS or some Darksoul games and then compare, but w/e lol :person_shrugging:

But no one said this is a zero skill game, but the Skill vs. RNG vs. Paid hero power creep ratio is clearly ranking skill last. But I can’t wait for some to tell me “It takes skill to pull OP hero and it takes skill to select them in teams!” Something tells me if you put 5x LB2 Hippo there is still a high chance (not saying 100%, also example is extreme to draw out a point, not listing 200+ variation of OP meta teams) you will win even if 1 or 2 of them might end up dead with no healing. The same chance wouldn’t apply if you use “skill” to build a well synergy team of S1 hero. Case and point, you can have “skill” but it is less important of you don’t have the latest shiny hero.

But hey you do you and be skilled in this game there will be international E-sports competition for this game soon!


Lol case and point, I am getting lecture how this game is skill based again (not you). :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Yes I agree, there are “some” “skill” involved not saying it is zero, is just the ratio between skill vs. RNG board vs. OP new hero, any educated fair minded person know where the ratio skew towards.

But anyways I am done here. Have a good day!


If you want to see skill., search on youtube for videos from GlitterWes, a great skillful player…

Happy gaming

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