It's just a rumour

Firstly, someone in the know, please say it isn’t so! In which case this thread can be closed.

Secondly, I’d like to dispell this rumour as just a rumour and continue to enjoy the extra materials from farming the S2 map. Its the one time farming the map is fun - although finding more seadragons would make it more fun. :wink:

Its pausible if not the last one of the last AR by logic. I mean, we are getting close to the end of Valhalla, January maybe? Then i assume we will have something like valhalla rising.

I wonder whats going to happen with S2 map. Maybe SG is thinking in lessen the WE cost and make a better place to loot in comparision with s1, idk.

Another question mark is about Atlantis portal and heroes, where are going to move those heroes if AR closes

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Say it ain’t so… I count on those extra mats once a month…


Just a rumour. Will close to avoid the spreading of misleading infos :slight_smile:


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