It's high time to increase the chance of getting 5 * heroes

I think it’s high time to increase the drop rate of 5-star heroes in summons.
Such strict restrictions on the percentage of the drop made sense a few years ago, when there were 20-30 heroes 5 *. Then the limitation was logical, with an increase in the percentage, in the end, everyone would fight the same heroes against each other.
Now heroes 5 * are innumerable, and the percentage of successful summons is high time to increase.

People quit the game, because it is impossible for years to look at luxurious heroes in the portal, to get another Dawa, and not be able to rise from the bottom teeming with Dawas and Briennes.
In my alliance, the player spent 150 summons in the New Year event and did not receive anything, not even the hero of the month. He left the alliance and the game, because he did not see any more prospects for development.
Do you think that the player who receives nothing will spend more? you are mistaken, he abandons this perception as bringing nothing but negative emotions.
The player who receives more, spends more, because he wants to get more and more, replenish the collection of cards and grow in the game.
And if you waste money, it quickly gets boring.

To summarize, an increase in the number of heroes in the game requires an increase in the successful call percentage. Because with the release of each new set of heroes, getting what you need is atomized to a homeopathic zero probability, and the calls lose all excitement and meaning.

I would have to disagree! I’ve been playing since the very beginning and yeah I know the heartbreak of not getting a 5* and I too have had frustrated members but if you increase the drop rate you decrease the value not only of the heroes themselves but also entire game experience.all the hard work that has gone into the game over the years by millions of players would be wiped out. Their depth would lose value.


I understand your point of view. But what do you think, maybe the efforts of millions of players who have also played for years and have nothing, also deserve some kind of positive reinforcement?
If people spend money for years and get nothing, doesn’t it mean that their money paid for the armies of other players’ heroes? I don’t think lucky players are the main value in this game.
And then they will not be offended, because they also have an increased chance of getting even more new heroes.
And we are not talking about the fact that even now the advantage will be with the one who pays more for the calls, and these millions of players are coping with this injury.

Such a small percentage was logically justified when there were very few characters in the game. Now that there is such a crowd of them, the percentage can be increased without loss for the gaming community.
The hero market is oversaturated, in such cases sellers reduce prices or simplify the purchase procedure.


A pity timer for a random 5* at 100 failed pulls would be a welcome addition and if anything entice more spending when getting close. If they could backpay the pity timer id love to recieve my shiny new stable of heros thanks lol.


Would you complain at the poker table if you got a poor hand but another player got dealt full house? Luck is a part of life. I understand your frustrations.

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While I understand the general concept that these heroes are supposed to be “rare”…

Look around. They are certainly not rare in any sense.

Expensive? Yes. Rare? Not even remotely.

If I had a dollar for every player in this game who has a Telluria, I could afford to buy myself lots and lots of Tellurias.

I get it, for those who have spent a lot, they don’t want the heroes to be devalued. “If they reduce the cost of each new 5* hero to less than $100, people won’t think they’re worth $100 anymore!”

I don’t think they were ever worth $100 in the first place.


If you increase the drop rate of 5* you will just transfer the frustration elsewhere. You’ll have all these fancy new 5* sitting at 1-1 (or maybe 3-70) and no ascension mats for them. And yes, you can buy 4* AM but you can also buy heroes if you are willing to spend that much.

Then the drop rate for ascension mats would have to be increased to correlate with the 5* hero drop rate. Next thing you know the game is completely different from what it was and I, for one, would have lost interest many months ago.

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Valid point, but I hear so many people talking about how “boring” the game would be if we all had this and that…

Then these same people talking about how they have 30+ maxed 5* heroes.

Shouldn’t they be bored?

Opposite end of that spectrum, I have less than a dozen maxed or near maxed 5*s. There are still many more I would like to have, and will probably never get.

Using the same rationale, I must be having an absolute blast!

What is more boring? Waiting on ascension mats that slowly trickle in? Or waiting on RNG heroes that may never show up at all?


The main reason I am still playing now is because I am still building my team. If I didn’t have heroes to work on I would be bored and playing less and less. If all my heroes were already maxed I’d be bored and playing less and less.

You can speed up the game with spending but you need to spend frankly too much to do so. Is that right? Most likely not but I don’t spend so I am no authority on that.

For me personally, the drop rates and the AM drop rates are such that I am always busy maxing five heroes at a time and have been for almost three years now. Would I like the fancy new HOTM’s and such? Sure, but I consider them a luxury item.

PS also the forum is a blast.


I’ve been playing this game for exactly one year. I feel like we get 5 star heroes! If they raise the percentage then something will be affected like “where’s the tomes!” I stay in diamond tier but can’t seem to get some ascension items. No tomes? A great time to work on 4 star or 3 star heroes!
Also, try the token test! It works for me. How about work on troops if you don’t have a five star. Troops are so very important!

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Drop rate for people who spend is OK. You would say that only whales have all heroes, and maybe it’s true, but many, MANY players have a lot of good heroes by spending a good amount of money without being considered a whale.

For a F2P/C2P, drop rates are ridiculous. After 2 years, I’ve got only 3 heroes outside of S1 5* (one being a costume), and I’m still missing some S1 ones.

I think there’s a missing point in-between. Something like an special 5* token, obtainable only for free (that way you avoid spenders to have more chances), that guarantees a 5* after a set number of summons or something like that.


I have more legendaries than I will ever have ascension materials for. I have been pretty lucky though and before the mega nerf of Telluria I used to spend about $750 or so a month. Making legendaries easier to get won’t help much without the 4* items to go with them. It’s frustrating having a ton of them at 3/70 and no way to ascend them. I ascended Telly back in March and still don’t have enough tonics 9 months later to ascend another nature hero.


If you spend $100 on a 30 pull, it should be one guaranteed legendary. Nothing more frustrating than spending a $100 and not even getting one. My worst was 25 rares and 5 epics. Made me put the debit card away for a while. One legendary is the least they could do for spending that kind of money.


I would love to see this happen, but if they don’t also increase the pace of getting4* mats we will all just have a bunch of 5*s we can’t use lol.

@TGW It depends on the player, and their heroes/mats luck. :sweat_smile:

For me, it’s definitely more boring waiting on RNG luck to get a shiny new, non S1 5*. I have every S1 5* except for Dom and Leo.

There are many more chances to obtain a 4* mat than getting a brand new hero, especially since I spend little. I’m okay with this. At this time, anyway. :sweat_smile:

Of course, the drop rate of 4 * rugs is also ridiculous, but their receipt can somehow be predicted and influenced. For example, I can play a lot, open colored chests, go out to stronger titans, at least I can even buy them. That is, their appearance is a complex process, but not impossible.
Getting a 5-star hero is a process that cannot be influenced in any way. You can pay a few hundred dollars and walk away with the Dawas army.

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After more than two and a half years of play I am now maxing my 30th legendary hero. The drop rates for me are rather well balanced with my ascension mat collecting. I go through dry patches where TC 20 isn’t even giving dupes out and then have a crazy patch where multiple new heroes drop in my lap (2 Zulag, panther and Vanda in a matter of weeks). Once my 30th hero is complete I will be waiting on mats for heroes I have or heroes for the mats I have and it has always been that way.

Anyone not comfortable with the portal odds should either not spend their hard earnt cash on it or just not play. There is a perfectly viable F2P route in this game which provided the majority of my legendary heroes, TC20 is capable of producing every S1 legendary if you give it long enough. Even the awful HA has the chance to then turn those dupes into a slightly newer hero if you can stick with the game long enough to build and research it.

Pity rewards or increased odds are more likely to create the monotony and boredom that TelGate created as more players having the same heroes is likely to produce the same defences time and time again.


i think that the game should be a way to guarentee at least a 4*, not a 5*.

something like a special seasonal token that gives you one guarenteed 4* or better when you complete all stages of santa’s challenge.

5* are meant to be a luxury, not a given. if the odds have to be increased increase the chance of summoning a 4*.

@Grumpigamer I totally agree.
Hey, I get frustated too, at times. I had days and weeks when I couldn’t level anything useful, had dupes of 3s or other heroes I didn’t need just so I can use the feeders as my rooster was getting full. It took over a year and a half to get a non season1 5*. But even so, I wouldn’t want a FREE 4* or 5* after a certain numbers of pulls.
I worked hard for my heroes, I used to have 3 TC20s for months and months and never dropped under 2 TC20. I’m still missing some season 1 heroes, but giving a 5* hero after a certain amount of summons wouldn’t solve anything. It would just make things worse in my opinion.
My vote is to keep it as it is.

This is your point of view, but it is a very selfish point of view. I think even SG will not agree with you. For the SG, the influx of players and their money is important. And it will not be very pleasant for you if the game dies, if all the players who are unlucky and who do not like it stop playing and spend. But there are many more of them than successful players. You’re left with a deck of great cards in a dead game. Remember this when you urge the overwhelming majority of players not to play or spend.

You don’t need it, but someone needs it)
Not everyone is used to the abnormal amount of limitations of this game, so as not to want something better :grinning:

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