Its BULL about the removing Tournament when people have spent resources



Due to community feedback, 1-star and 2-star Tournaments have been removed from the Raid Tournament rotation.
“I know this decision will be a disappointment to some of you, especially if you have spent emblems on your 1* and 2* heroes. For those you, I apologize. Luckily, as people have mentioned above, it isn’t too expensive to get most of them back”.

You are CORRECT it is crap and you should return EVERY resource people have spent on 1 stars FOR SURE… The 2 stars at least got to play with their upgraded heroes, but the people who spent on the 1 stars did NOT. Return ALL resources spent on leveling, putting emblems on and leveling 1star troops. Otherwise its theft by fraud and false advertising. Its time SG as a “legitimate company???” steps up and fixes a wrong done by ONLY their doing. Also going by what most in here says why have you not fixed the cesspool you call the alchemy lab??? I will make a WILD guess and say that this forum does NOT come close to 50% of the game population, so would not be close to the majority of people who dont like the tournaments for the little star levels.


I do agree with Rohn tbh. This forum doesn’t represent 2 million players. Removing 1* 2* tourneys was a rushed decision imo.


Would that be like the way polls don’t represent the voters?


Join the never satisfied crew now.

Anyone who spent resources to feed feeders to use them once a year or even less, should found the anonymous feeder feeders. There wasn’t ever a more useless waste of whatever in this game.


1* and 2* tournaments were planed to be less than 2 times a year. Question is, what was your plan after tournament? 1* and 2* heroes keep emblems permanently? If so then my mouth is wide open. If not then your request is not proper.

I had 2* rainbow, all 5 maxed. I lost something too but not going to ask any compensation.


Make a statement, take your business to the opposition :slight_smile:


very good and well thought out answer

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I think they made the right call to remove 1* and 2* tournaments, but with poor timing. This late into it, there should have been at least one 1* tournament so that anyone who raised a team could get at least some use out of it.

That being said, if they did go through with a 1* tournament, my participation would have been barebones. 5 unleveled Aifes on defense and win whatever I can with stacked feeders. That’s basically what I did during the 2* tournament earlier this year.


this one is going to be brutal… LOL but I am so :sob: weak its the only tourney I think I could even try in. These guys with all of those fancy 3 stars and 4 stars


to keep them and use them of course

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You sounds like r/ChoosingBeggars mate. If you can afford emblems to 2* heroes that you will use twice a year than this entire post basically pointless


Totally agree ! The use alone would have been so minimal and insignificant, to me it falls under the meh who cares enough to worry about it pile.


Is their an opposition? Oh wait if we show our anger here the admins an mods will just delete it… can you say big BROTHER?


How am I “You sounds like r/ChoosingBeggars mate”
Well I dont understand jibberish. Are you (1) asking am I choosing beggars?? Or (2) am I begging??
Well to answer 1 did NOT choose anyone just made true statements… 2 With 55 five stars and 15 of them maxed WITH emblems I probably am NOT begging at all, because I eat all of my 1, 2, most 3 and most 4 stars. Just keep the neat ones for a while at 1/1, and standard needed 4 stars.

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64000+ forum members
10000000+ downloads
2000000+ daily active players
1500000+ tournament entrants
248 poll voters
130 snobbish players who think they know best about what is good for everyone else in the game and if we don’t like it then tough it’s getting BANNED


Question to everybody in this forum: If SG suddenly decide they are gonna remove an old feature of the game, why did they even create that feature in the first place? Why bring it to the live version just to delete it? Does it make sense when they do that?

It’s not like 1* tourneys are bugged or anything. There are some people who like them. And It’s not like there’s gonna be a lot of 1* tourneys every year.

I really don’t get the thinking process behind that decision. I can say SG did it again though. Remember when tourneys had the best loot in the game and people put a lot of emblems into 3* heroes to be competitive at that level? I DO REMEMBER. I do, because I wasted a lot of emblems on 3* heroes. I had to reset them and waste all those resources after SG told us ‘oops, we made a mistake with the loot’.

And it’s happening again but I have zero f$#%s to give to be honest :joy: Seriously.

If I keep pointing SG’s past mistakes some people will say I’m a whiner. I’ll just reset and eat all my maxed 1* and be done with it.

I’m not gonna take anything SG says seriously anymore though. They lost the little trust I had in them already.


We never knew for sure how often 1*/2* tourneys would be when folks decided to invest resources in them. Think about it, the first 2* tourney showed up nearly half a year after the feature went live and had not appeared since. Mods were told they were possible, but were given no inkling on how often or when. Folks in beta had no clue either. It was a gamble to invest in them, and one has to expect to lose a gamble sometimes.

I’m not mad about the lost resources. The 1*/2* tourneys implemented were way too rare to be worth the resources because of their rarity (we know that now). Removing them relieves a burden on roster space and allows us not to worry when the feared 1* would occur.

I would like to add that 2* tourneys were unpopular in beta, and 1* were even more unpopular (personally I liked 2* and thought 1* was redundant in design). As the months passed, I actually thought they took beta feedback into account and nixxed them when the feature went live. However, here we are :rofl:.




With roster space always at a premium, I’m happy to not have to consider leveling 1*/2* in the off chance there will be a tournament maybe once every few months. Tournaments are a good potential source of emblems so I wouldn’t want to abstain from any tournament, though I realllllly did not want to level/store 1*/2*.

Granted, I can see how it seems hasty of SG, but I’m relieved with the decision. I don’t think there is ever the perfect time to make a change so it seems they went with the bandaid approach and did it in one quick motion.




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