It's been over two years

… since I decided, out of boredom, to instal a match three game. Empires and puzzles was the name that came up on my facebook feed, so, hey! why not give it a try?! Didn’t give it much credit at first, thought I’d play for a few days, during the long boring hours spent deep underground, in the salt mine, treating my kid’s asthma. Two good things out of this: 1) My kid is far better after repeating the salt mine therapy twice a year for about 5 years and 2) I got stuck with this crazy ■■■ game that become a significant part of my life. Yes, significant, because, in over two yeas, there has not been a single God given day that I failed to log in, and even if this might have happened at some point, I can’t remember missing a war hit or a titan flag.
I’m a free player, never spent a single penny on the game, not because I can’t afford but because I choose to. As most of you know, things might get hursh for a free player. Frustration builds up slow, even in the most patient ones, seeing all those uber-heroes in the high end defenses, while your hard gathered gems bring you another Dawa or the 57’th Renfeld coming out the TC20’s gate.

Never the less, I soon discovered that there is nothing in this game that can’t be done with enough patience. So here I am today, after two years, proud of reaching some long awaited milestones

I hope the devs will find the wisdom to make this great game endure the test of time so that I could post here after another year or two have gone by. Good gaming to alll!


Great to have you around @Ian487 as a bastion of F2P.

Here are a couple of other threads to wave the flag for anyone interested in the success possible for the patient, hard working and lucky free player


Wow. That is AMAZING!!! I’d buy you a case of beers if i could. So drink this since i can’t. :beers: :beers: :beers:


A few more years for that, butterfly!


Awesome! I always appreciate positive threads. The amount of fun you have is up to you, glad you’ve found it.


For any F2P out there reading this thread, some.of the rebellion members created a discord server for discussions and fun stuff.

Preference for joining is obviously to be F2P but they’re not picky :stuck_out_tongue:


Been playing a long long time now still no poison darts or fine gloves. I’m a f2p player. HELP.

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Does RNG dance and chants for generous titans. @Rooster2

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This is strange… there are guaranteed poison darts available in the loot of the Shilouh Desert rare quest and fine gloves on Farholme Pass rare quest. Rare quests are rotating, about 7 to 10 days apart from each other. So, first thing to do, get a team strong enough beat those rare quests. A maxed epic team should have no problem with this, even if it might take some battle items on a bad board. Second, join an alliance that hits at least 7 or 8* titans, that’s where 3* ascension materials start dropping. If you do this, you should start getting a slow but steddy flow of ascension materials. Also, alwsys watch the mystic vision. You never know what it might bring. Got me some of those darts you seek, just two days ago :wink:

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Thanks for the heads up

You don’t need to buy gems offers with ascension mats. All you need to do is get very lucky.

@Ian487 Good for you. Indeed, patience is a virtue.


I’m in an alliance there are only three of us in this Alliance and we seem to do pretty good. But finding fine gloves and poison darts yeah no luck so far

Well, either you need to aggressively recruit more players for your alliance to get better loot from high level titans, or merge with other well-established alliance, or leave that group and join bigger alliances.

I agree with @Ultra. You need to be facing higher titans. Here’s a thread you may find interesting.

You don’t need to face 14*, but you want to be higher for better materials. There are lots of alliances that would be willing to take all three of you in together.

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this is the real milestone :heart:


cheers mate! same here and this is my milestone accomplishment!


Congratulations, @Ian487 and kudos to your patience. Good to hear that your kid is better now. :slight_smile:

Hopefully, you’ll stick around for the next year and the year after that and the year after that…

We’ll be more than happy to have a patient F2P grinder on the F2P discord server. Please feel free to join. :slight_smile:

Cheers!! :beers:


Great write up that I will try to comply with. I certainly have enough heros to do so. Great advice to new comers. Thanks for sharing. You go get them!!!

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