It's a Sickness

I quit E&P about six months ago. Here was the post where I talked about addiction and shared the video of me blowing up my account - So long, and thanks for all the pixels! (video - I Blow Up my Huge Empires and Puzzles Roster - YouTube ).

I caught some videos on YouTube yesterday where people were talking - err… griping - about all the new developments of late. When I quit, I said I understood why people still like this game, and I wished everyone well.

HOWEVER. I’ve changed my stance.

Looking back on how many waking hours of my life I spent and how much bloody cash went down the toilet, I am absolutely DISGUSTED with myself for playing this turd of a rat race. You will be too when you finally grow up, move on and put some time between you and the insanity.

Don’t “quit” E&P. You can’t do it, and you know it. Blow up your account by feeding all your characters to 3*s. DO IT TODAY. That’s the only way you’ll break the cycle. Do something better with your life. Come back here in six months and tell me I was wrong.

Be well.


And yet you “waste” more time coming to a forum to tell us to grow up? Looks like this game still has you hooked. If you are still coming back here in six months to prove yourself right, that’s on you not other players.


LOL. I only came back when Youtubers reminded me this place existed. You’re all still here complaining with open wallets.


Let’s not lump all of the community in that statement bud. If you couldn’t control your spending that’s on you. Many can control themselves and still enjoy the game. Waste of time? Probably, but what hobby isn’t? Video games are entertaining. If you’re not entertained leave. I know when I stop having fun I’ll leave.


If you don’t enjoy the game, or if you’re not disciplined enough financially to keep yourself from spending too much on the game, then yes, by all means, walk away from the game.

But that’s not the vast majority of the game’s player base. Most of us, I think, really enjoy the game and have little problem staying within our means.


To the original post.
More power to you for quitting the game & hopefully enjoy something else in life.

But please don’t come back here & be condescending to all by telling us we are not grown ups!

I comprehend some have addictions, obsessions or behavior issues.
But it doesn’t apply to everyone.

I can also say that, as I am one of those people who got addictions.
I recently stop spending a lot of money in our game that I STILL enjoy.
Which was out of control & had to come to the conclusion it was difficult on my bank account, relationship with my spouse as well.
Believe me when I say it wasn’t easy at all.

Bottom line, be considerate to others, as you don’t know their status in life.

All you need is to be in peace with yourself & find something meaningful as a hobby to keep entertained


Well, if I haven’t grown up at 62 years of age it’s probably a bit late to worry about it. Likewise if I hadn’t already “done something with my life” it’s kind of tough really.

I play games for as long as they entertain me. When I move on I’ll just stop playing, I won’t make a song and dance about it, and I sure as heck won’t harangue other players. It’s like a recovering alcoholic going into a bar and telling everyone how much happier they’ll be without alcohol in their lives. Those who don’t actually have an addiction problem will find it irritating - and those who do have an addiction problem wouldn’t be in the bar if they were ready to give it up.


First off, I’m a grown ■■■ man that pays my bills and handles my business. Who the f are you to come on here and bash others? You sound like some dude that’s been to 3 AA meetings and got convinced that anyone that has even 1 beer is an alcoholic.


You are 100% right - it is a sickness. Symptoms are condescension, smugness, judgmentalism, imposition of your beliefs onto others, lack of empathy, intolerance, lack of perspective, arrogance. I highly recommend you get yourself cured as these symptoms are not likely to be tolerated in our society. Come back in 6 months if you are better otherwise please stay self-isolated.


Truthfully, I suspect a good portion of those in top 100 alliances either have some degree of addiction, or narcissism, or both. How else do you explain why someone would drop 5 figures for some digital pixels?


Hold up, as a top 100 house leader I am appalled that you have the audacity to judge any of us. As a gamer I pity the fact that you harbor so much hatred and condemnation for the game and the people of this community. I wish u well in all you do, but you have no right to stand on a soap box and judge others…Addiction? Nope. Narcissistic? Nope. Has the thought ever crossed your mind that some of us enjoy the community and the social aspect and the game? Please keep your negativity away from things u clearly don’t understand. Be well


Hit a nerve didn’t I? :wink:

You know instead of summarily flying off the handle, maybe you ought to read everything I wrote and not just the first part. The second sentence forms the basis of my judgement.


You didn’t hit a nerve LOL I just find it funny that somebody who has quit the game, came all the way back here just a spout out how much they hate the game. Telling everybody else how to think what to do is a bit of an attention cry and if they didn’t agree you feel though you have the right to be condescending to them. I am a proud member of this gaming community and I’m not a fan of bullies. Apologies if I hurt your feeling but im not drinking the kool aid.

The real issue is pretty simple. This game would be super fun if it wasn’t so hard for the whole playerbase to be on the same playing field when it came to events and what not. Being that money makes this impossible with the way this game is set up, the real sickness is sadly, people holding on to hope that eventually it will change.


You can still have an epiphany long after the fact.

Also I’m not the OP LOL.

And FWIW, I didn’t get the condescension vibe from OP. His post read more like someone who had an epiphany, is now experiencing severe regrets about the time and money wasted on this game, and wants to use his own example as a cautionary tale. Granted some of the language is a bit provacative, but again, I read it more as “don’t be a dumbass like me and do all these stupid things, if you want a clean break you gotta do all of this NOW”.

But hey what do I know. :man_shrugging:


If there wasn’t some form of truth to what OP is saying, there wouldn’t be multiple wall of text replies…


It’s all his opinions and stuff, so take it with a pinch of salt. But yeah the end did get a little condescending, because he’s directly addressing the reader with ‘you’. Like who is he to tell me what to do.


So disagreeing must mean I secretly agree? OK then…

The OP has a point, albeit somewhat poorly expressed. I am not telling anyone how to think here, but this video describes addictive behaviour quite beautifully

Another one worth looking at is “The Opposite of Addiction is Connection”. Quite a fascinating piece

I am not saying everyone here is an addict, or targeting anyone, but this game does encourage addictive behaviours, and some people need support and advice to get through that

Edit: link updated


@Tidyup The way I read the OP, he genuinely wants to help the community, by sharing his experience as a warning.

And the last paragraph, I feel he is more talking (well writing) to himself aloud. It’s all coming from his experience.

If I could offer any advice to the OP, I would suggest not to be too hard on himself. Nobody’s perfect, and he is only making himself feel worse about past mistake. I hope he can find peace.