✨ Ithilien Alliance. As old as the game it self!

One of the oldest alliances in existence, Ithilien Alliance was founded over 1000 days ago. Alliance core is formed of hardened veterans, with a long and rich game experience, but also with a very casual play style. All alliance members are daily active and contributing to the best of their ability to titan hunts and wars, but this does not come from obligation but from passion for the game, so, we’re 100% drama free territory. Actually feels like an endless summer weekend with old friends :wink:
Now, for the technical details. We’re 25 strong at the moment, levels ranging from 25 to 68, with more than half of us passed lvl 50. We’re chaining 8* titans and ocasionally killing 9* and winning over 50% of our wars, without breaking a sweat with an above 95% war flags usage average. There’s no orders, no midnight mandatory wake-ups for war hits, no getting kicked for having a real life. All we ask is for you to love the game and play it every day, as we all do.
We’re from all over the world, and value friendship, mutual respect and helping each other.
So, if you’re looking for a long term home and share our values and play style, come join us!

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