Ithar – 5* Holy / Yellow - August 2023 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

If ithar hits a hero with say 80% mana full will the 2 erlangs always go to full mana?

We did the math about 80 posts above… but you need a 20 mana troop, a 2% emblem… and I forget what the number is… but you can obviously throw a few tiles into a slower hero to get your desired result.

But isnt the distribution random?

I don’t think so… It is 35% /5… Similar to roughian. So if i recall correctly… You need 6% or 7%… Which means 100% charged fast hero you steal from. It’s is for average and slow… But crap if i remember.

Only buffs distribution is random. Everyone gets mana, but the amount depends on the target’s mana level and speed (stolen mana is converted into tiles).

There are detailed calculations in the post quoted above.

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I saw Ithar and thought mehhhhh. At one moment I had nothing to level, Ithar waiting and 19 arrows in stock. So I went for it and no regrets.

Since a few weeks I’m raiding daily with her and I love it. Fun to the max. of course it’s a theory and not always working but this is my recipe:

Throwing tiles on Ludwig 2lb, filling my heroes with mana.

Ithar steals the taunt and give it to one of my allies, that hero is the meat shield
Fortuna dispells the mana boost of the flanks
Aramis and Araidia will do the rest
5th hero is Haulstone or Arco, depending on the enemies team.

I also use Ithar against the Hippo and…when Ithar is full she can prevent an enemy from firing of by stealing the 35% mana. 35% for your heroes maybe is not much but stealing 35% mana from a Jove or Aramis can be a gamechanger.

And yes, I also have Felton. But sorry, taking a 3* in the current 5* meta…is not working for me. I almost always lose Felton and believe me, I tried.


This hero only needs two things after stealing enemy buffs;

  1. Hit the target and nearby enemies for 150% damage. This is just a psychological buff for people, she is going to hit 200-220 at most. (which is reasonable, does not make much damage but it will be a nice addition. Just remember ladies and gentleman, like Ithar Margaret was not hitting when she released, and she buffed to hit three 1-2 years later)

  2. 25% attack up for all allies for 4 turns. (Like Zimkitha, more turns but a little less attack up)

After that, this hero can be considered OK.

was hoping so much we would have passed this era of ithar evaluations on this board but i also have seen posts who gave hope in this thread :sweat_smile:

Who knows, SG may suprise us with next balance update. So its better to give them some ideas before that :slight_smile:

Ithar actually already silently received her first buff… After the update, Queen G. stopped dealing damage when Ithar steals her buff :smiling_imp: (unfortunately I didn’t record this fight).

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She never did, not on my The Hatter special skill at least.

I villier’s fiends stealing also doesn’t set off the damage.

Great food today for SE.

Maybe it was just a simple game bug, but QG definitely dealt damage in the first fights in which I tested Ithar… :thinking:

I use her quite regularly and I don’t see a hero in the current SE that would be worth sacrificing Ithar for.
Personally, in SE I chose Quintin (blue is my weakest color and I was very lucky that she was available).
I have already managed to upgrade Quintin (4.80+20) and after the first fights I say that if I had 19 unupgraded heroes, I would take Peridot or Iris for 10 and wait until the next SE… Quintin is not enough of a game changer to be worth using Ithar as the 20th hero.

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I think I was spoilt because last month I also pulled Ekanite and Roz. :sweat_smile:

I have finished maxing Ithar, and I’m glad that she’s better than I thought for my roster.

I like that Ithar’s mana steal can delay an enemy hero from firing for one turn, and the stolen mana distributed can be enough to charge my Ninja/C-Master Lepus, for example.

With the right team, Ithar is useful for me. I was pleasantly surprised that she is good for my roster, with low emblems and no LB atm. :smile:


This should have been ithar, but with a weaker damage output
The only thing that’s making ithar unique now is her vfast 10% mana gen e-link


It’s really the e-link that’s this hero’s last saving grace. Coming 2024, she will give all 10% mana gen at v fast speed, surely that’s a good thing

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just look how many maxed ithars you see on attacking videos from players of top 20 alliances
seen various youtube players who maxed multiple copies of her and use ithar on serious wars & not versus some boss wolf kind of tanks like some other “youtubers” like to present to us

now maybe we can ask ourself why those players that do have alot of other options besides ithar did max 2 copies of her?
and maybe then we might realize that there is more to her than just some not even activated passive already

presented one video of a serious youtube attacker you can view within this thread if you want to see more of her

im quite sure on high level wars ithar will be more used than deadboots - i tried to explain why but people here dont seem to understand yet which role on attack she plays

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