Ithar – 5* Holy / Yellow - August 2023 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Erlang and Queen take the darts in the order. Ithar can wait.


In this fight, the tank (Ludwig) died too quickly, so Ithar couldn’t steal buffs… nevertheless, by stealing mana, she fired Kara right before Jove hit, and later successfully stopped Xnol from healing :slight_smile:

The longer I have her, the more I start using her and see more and more uses for her…


Is she the “only” mana control in this game ?

In that match you could have had Felton instead of Ithar and could have stolen Ludwig’s special and won that way.

There is very little that Ithar can do in a match that you couldn’t have another hero do as well or better with their alternative special.

Meanwhile whilst some limited case can be built for her in very limited scenarios in offense… i just cant understand why anyone would ever ever put her in defense.

you have to look at this like this - the more ithars are on defense the more “super special” felton videos + pictures you can “produce” to show us how strong felton is to you

Your posts are getting dumber by the day in your desperation to insult me.

An Ithar in defense will almost never have an impact on the battle and can be safely left to last while she flails around ineffectively. That picture had nothing to do with Felton and everything to do with her being the wrong choice on defense, always.

I feel a bit sad for you that you can’t see the value in some 3* and 4*s out there and instead of trying to learn something new choose to mock them instead.

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This is where the game falls short.
There’s really no recognition for ego feeding.
I think Deadlift was probably one of the most renowned players in the game. He was always visible. No need for him to visit this place…

Otherwise, some people gotta come here for


I could make use of this hero on offense. Easily!
If I’m lucky enough to pull it

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I’m not sure, but I don’t know any other… :thinking:
Kushanku (yellow ninja) can be considered a mana controller, but only after 2 turns and no target selection…

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Oh my Fing God, not again…

Asks for videos, then says “Felton could have done better”. What is wrong with you man? Why you fail to understand this is not about making useless comparissons between a 3* and a 5*?

Nobody says Felton is a bad hero, on the contrary. But you are so stubborn that you fail to admit that Ithar is not as bad as you’re trying to make her look. And even if you really believe in that, this is YOUR problem. Apparently people use her and find uses for her that you simply can’t.

Play with the heroes you like, that is your personal choice. If you want to field a 3* team against 6k+ team only to make your ego bigger, that is your own choice. Just stop trying to put your opinion over other people’s. Be at peace…


Agree she can be very useful…got kicked my butt here


unfortunately that seems the reason behind most of these posts - “please have a look at me im a very special player”

im really not surprised more & more people now understand how useful ithar can be - seeing her more often in some very versatile attacking teams

will be the first hotm i am going to max since a very long time because shes so useful for yellow damage stack

You know the funny part is he asked for videos of winning Ithar team and then he comes up with “Felton could have done better”.

And Anne would have done better in the place of Joon in my yellow stack but i don’t have Anne. That doesn’t make Joon useless hero, certainly not for my roster.

Nobody here said Ithar is a game changer hero or something very special, but she has her own uses and apparently she helps in offense.

Some will find her useful, will max and play with her, others with great rosters won’t bother levelling her. Either way she is not a bad hero, not with those high stats and stealing skill at very fast speed. You just have to pay more attention on firing her.


I see a use for her in my Ludwig tank counter. Usually I use Malosi, Devana and either Bai Yeoung or Onatel stack. I would keep Malosi and Devana. The reason is simple, normally, i can fire Malosi before Ludwig fires, but I have gotten so many bad boards that Ludwig may fire once or twice before I get Malosi to fire. In the case, I can use Ithar to remove his taunt, and then hopefully have Devana ready to dispel the flanks. The problem right now is that sometimes I may kill Ludwig so then I can’t dispel both flanks. But since Ithar doesn’t do damage, that shouldn’t be an issue. Of course the whole undispellable wolf family is a possibility, but that’s another story. Bonus with this approach, one of my heroes will be a sacrificial so I don’t have a flanking Khufu completely wipe out my team.

As far as this whole Felton is better, well I don’t have him so all this discussion is kind of meaningless.

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I’m also one of those ‘felton is better than ithar’ people. Yes, unfortunately we tend to get insufferable at some point because we can’t stop praising that guy in other threads. He is such a villain and a bane in these threads
She is not a hero that focuses on stealing, she is a hero that focuses on exploiting the enemy’s defences.
Picking off targets one by one. As I play hyper offense, I would picture how she fits into my team, zero in on one target, then whack that target with your snipers. Rinse and repeat. But the problem is she has no base damage, so I have to use two other snipers to do the job. The stealing only comes as a bonus.

so dont you think a double erlang + ithar team taking out 3 opponents with just 6 tiles is more reliable (lets call it that) vs big defs than any felton team you can put together atm @Tidyup

btw thats what i would also call hyper offensive team :sweat_smile:

Need 2 more.

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If you have a double Erlang, they pretty much can do the job themselves most the time without ithar, unless it’s against an ailment shield etc. It’s also only specific situations where the target is heavily fortified with buffs, like furdinand. and you want to focus on taking down furdinand first
I will say she will get better eventually. Mostly due to her e link. Going into 2024 she will give her 10% mana gen to all with her AU. So she pretty much buffs attack and mana speed at v fast.

That’s pretty much what hyper offense is about. If I get 2 erlangs which is the dream team. Maybe ithar can be just there for the morale boost and the e links :smile:

but not with 6 tiles - thats the selling point to me

If ithar hits a hero with say 80% mana full will the 2 erlangs always go to full mana?