Ithar – 5* Holy / Yellow - August 2023 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Raid and war attacks I love a combo of ithar, costume xi liu (2 I think) and persa. Two of those vs a purple tank and they are toast

if you replace Ithar by any 4*/3* holy… will have the same result - you win.

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Actually the main ability of Ithar that non-owner or non-user may not realize is that

She has a high chance to change bad board to not-so-bad board. That is what she did in all my fights e.g. 4.8k vs. 6k+ (examples screenshot above). How does she do that?

She is the only one in the game who can steal mana in 6 tiles. So we can literally dump tiles to eg. Tank and then Ithar will give us a few times to dumb more.

Moreover, because she steal, not cut, this extra time plus stealt mana is usually enough for many heroes on our side to charge first before the enemies.

In my case, i paired her with R&N and CHansel which usually have enough time to charge due to Ithar, and provide further extra time to others.

Then, R&N steals more mana and my C2Lixiu is usually charge just before the enemies.

With Ithar, R&N, CHansel, C2LixIu now we stop 5-6 special, and you repeat this continuously.

more recent examples


I have a wealth of holy characters waiting for darts but I’m very intrigued by Ithar - both what I’ve seen in defence and what’s been written here.

I’ll be taking her to 3/70 and test driving. As @Ufeel says - the mana steal and reallocate can sometimes be the different between winning and losing, especially if you’re missing that final tile!

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:kissing_heart: if you can set up team similar to mine, you will not disappointed and have much fun
(Ithar, R&N, C2LiXiu, CHansel, Loki).

This team with 4.8k is still my main attack team even though I have CPerseus, Ginger, Haulstone (i dont have much good heroes though :joy: )
I know your rosters is much deeper than mine.

I would say i love to fight this team with 6k and have a good chance to win (stop their special, and let loki copy theirs). So i like to fight OP heroes except ones. Only the team containing lots of toons are the ones this team feared since mana control will not work in the most cases :sweat_smile:

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