Ithar – 5* Holy / Yellow - August 2023 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

I think that’s the point of it, which is that ithar is not meant to be a pure buff stealer. She is meant to steal important buffs away for your other hitters.
It’s like saying darkfeather/persa are a bad buff stealers because they only steal from one target, that’s not what they’re meant to do. AOE steal is very different from a single target steal

Still, she is 1 of the only 2 mana controller in the game according to my filter (Heroplan database) … so this is her niche, combined with the buff steal

So perhaps we have to consider her these 2 skills together not just a buff stealer


As she doesnt do damage or anything other than minimal mana steal that makes her a much worse use of a slot unless you have those op yellows you can speed up

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She can hardly be called a mana controller. Slightly slowing down one opponent would make her the worst mana controller in the game if you did really want to categorise her as that. So i suppose she is 2 things… worst mana controller and worst buff stealer. What makes her “widely used by the best players in the best alliances” (lol) is they need to play with only vf heroes and she allows them to do that with their op yellows

I understand your point of view … I spoke from the data viewpoint

And for anybody who missed Zack great post, here is the very useful table of how to make the steal efficient


I got jumped by her on defence of all places before, twice. That match, I had total control of the board and such. On the turn I was supposed to guard against a xenda special, she fired and stole my taunt. Then xenda fired and by then it slowly turned into my defeat.
I’m legit surprised at this point that you of all people here disliked this hero to this extend.

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Because without having those op fast yellows to boost i would never take her into a raid in place of felton. To me a 3* is much much better than her. In her very limited niche

I don’t have a single OP yellow in my 3-2 yellow heavy stack, unless you call 4* Waddles or Joon OP, and she is doing amazing job for me.

She’s been caring me through 90% of my Hero League fights, where i am top 500 currently, and in
my daily raids as well. She is decent if you know how and when to use her.

Im pretty sure with your skill you could replace her with leonidas and do as well

But i also guarantee you that those “top players in top alliances” wouldnt be touching her if they didnt have op fast yellows

Do i understand correctly that you use her to boost Joon & Waddle for 6 tiles ?
Thanks !

Precisely. If we look at yellows, one that could be an apt comparison would be Leonidas who cuts by 40% and self heals at average, vs Ithar who steals by 35% and distributes to all and adds a +10% mana generation elemental link at very fast. When I use her, the buff steal is useful, but the mana steal is very good at delaying a defense that’s about to fire, and provide my heroes some mana. R&N would be one who would be better at 50% steal and damage at fast… however, Ithar’s buff steal also makes her a bit of a yellow dispeller who are limited. At the moment, I can only think of Vaishali, Caitlin, cVivica and Devana, of which Devana is the fastest of them.

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I mean not talking in the context of mono yellow, you’re the person who has in the past defended ‘worse’ heroes in this game. And here is someone who can legit create some strategic play for you, and she is just pure trash in your eyes.
I may have said trash about her before but I’ve always been ithar neutral, leaning towards pro actually. Until she steals buffs for herself, I am at neutral. I understand she is quite crappy at times, but in the most inconvenient of times, she can prove to be quite annoying to face.
It’s just like meresankh, easily disregarded by many but one turn is all is takes to stall your progress

Because i see a lot more value in all of those heroes than ithar

Ok so I have her and at the moment she stands at 1/1 …

My question is …. Is she worth levelling or is she a feeder for SE etc

If one asks if shes just soul exchange food then im tempted to say yes because in this case it might be clear that the one that asked something like this might not find a team where her abilitys can shine

So yes she can work as SE food

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I follow this thread and there is both strong supporters and strong haters, so you can get extreme answers from both camps. I think before sending to SE, you should see pros/cons carefully from both sides

(Also perhaps wait for 2023 family bonus)

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I’ve updated my table due to our new findings for the mana on defense here.

Ithar steals a bit more mana from fully charged targets because the defending heroes have larger mana bars (depend on the hero stars).

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Since when has G. Falcon become a Khufu killer !!! LOL !!!

G. Falcon has an attack over 1000 when emblemes and LBed. You add his 54% elemental def down and his hit can do a lot. The thing is he is a glass cannon, but with Ithar to control mana, you can prevent the defense from firing.

Came across this thread and forgot I had her at 4/80 with a lb no emblems. So decided to give her a chance. I think she is very under rated esp in the way ppl are lining up their defenses - Ludwig’s, immunity, reflects, buffs like crazy…anyway…decided to give her a chance and see what she could do…and she was great. Stole Ludwig’s taunt so my heavy hitters didn’t have to wait bc she’s at VF…put Ludwig down, then stole the mana boost of craziness from a nb and it gave it to my heavy…another enemy down. It sped up the fight against a heavy def buff team.
She like EVERY other hero has a time and place for use, but where she’s needed, in spite of having no dmg, she did her job and did it well.
I’ll wait to see if they do buff her at some point before assigning emblems though as that seems to be a bit wasted on her esp for rogue class