Items & where to find them

is there a decent single list of where to find items in the game, not only all the standard farm items but the special drop items as well
Mais farm guide is crazy long & some of the links may not be up to date as the game has changed
I find myself often short of certain crafting mats & notice the “where to go” guides are seemingly scattered all over the forums.
Is there 1 decent master guide, maybe alphabetical on item and map locations on where they are COMMONLY found with higher rates of drop.

If not , is there someone out there with the time to rebuild a new list with season 1 & 2 farming items and also those “specials” & where to find them.

plus a question , are there any quests that drop rings ?

Mount Umber gives rings for completing it. I have looked at many of the guides and maps for items, and while they are useful, I usually have good results just clicking on the item I need in the crafting area of the forge and using the suggested levels.


Search “Memento Quests”…by mariamne….has a nice little chart that shows the rare quest rotation and the special materials for each one. Also a breakdown of monsters so you can plan your team for the quests.

ty , found the rare quest & will wait on mount umber , would be nice to have all available items in one place :slight_smile:

The best updated farming guide now is:


thanks , thats a big step towards what i want , now if i could find a breakdown of quest items like that farm guide

item … which quest ,
rather than a general guide to quest ordering & frequencies :slight_smile:


A lot of these fundamental questions have static answers, which can usually be found quite readily on the wiki. :slight_smile: (There are even stage recommendations for filling Wanted Chests.)

As for ingredient farming… the main ingredient page tells which provinces have bonuses for its dropping, as does each individual page… that said, if you wish for a specific stage, I personally prefer the Farming Guide by Hotdamnmess.


So I have been playing this game for months now. Love the game very much, although I have now 6 hero’s I cannot ascend and are stuck on the same level because I can not obtain any fine gloves for ascension. This is very frustrating and I’ve even waited to see if spending money could obtain enough to level my hero’s up, but to my disappointment nothing. There is no gifting allowed between players which IMO is the downfall of this game and probably going to be the reason I end my interest all together. How can some players have fully ascended teams and others by sitting going thru the motions all the while awaiting something that’s never going to arrive. How can one keep playing a game in which the possibility does not exist for advancement? This issue seems to be a problem for a lot of players and one that is probably going to lose “SmallGiant” a substantial amount of dedicated players if something isn’t done sooner rather than too late. Feedback?

There is a building which will be implemented ‘soon’, since it was teased in the New Years announcement. It’s called the Alchemy Lab and originated from this Idea/Suggestion thread.

I’m pretty sure that it’s not even in beta, yet… and who knows, it might not ever go to beta… but nonetheless… because of this, no one can confirm or deny precisely what is possible via this building or if it will make any appreciable difference in ascension or not… but there is something in the works to change the current status quo, at least to a degree. :slight_smile:

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