Items to limit break Special Skill up to Level 10

Since we have Aethers to limit break a hero’s level, why the heck not limit break a hero’s Special Skill too?

Nectar 4 star item: Unlock Special Skill level 9

Ambrosia 5 star item: Unlock Special Skill level 10

Hero Rarity		Unlock Lvl 9		Unlock Lvl 10
Common			10 Nectar			10 Ambrosia
Uncommon		20 Nectar			20 Ambrosia
Rare			40 Nectar			40 Ambrosia
Epic			80 Nectar			80 Ambrosia
Legendary		160 Nectar			160 Ambrosia

Using Nectar and Ambrosia only unlocks skill level 9 and 10 respectively. Heroes still need to be trained (fed) to achieve skill level 9 and 10.

A new event to earn Nectar and Ambrosia
Event Name: Feast of the Deus

Schedule: Runs concurrently with Path of Valor.

Levels: 50 levels. 1 level released per day.

Energy: 1 Invitation given per day. Uses 1 Invitation per level. Can save up to 10 Invitations. Can buy Invitation from offer.

Bosses: No new bosses needed. Mix and match all previously released rare, epic and legendary heroes named after any god of any mythology.

Level 1-10: 1 Nectar per level
Level 11-20: 2 Nectar per level
Level 21-30: 1 Nectar and 1 Ambrosia per level
Level 31-40: 2 Nectar and 1 Ambrosia per level
Level 41-50: 2 Nectar and 2 Ambrosia per level

Isn’t this game grindy enough as it is?


Oh wow I hadn’t considered this before. It’s certainly something that can go somewhere. My guess is this would get harder to program because each hero needs to be more customized than stat changes.


I also thought about it and I expect the company has also thought about it, but they take it step by step :slight_smile: At the same time, there are many heroes whose most important special skill is not so directly quantitative like damage dealing, but more qualitative, like Silence, Ghosting etc. Of course you could add more turns to it, but that would have a stronger effect on the game than just simply increasing the damage.

Plus, for modifying special skills we have the costumes which are now introduced at a large scale.

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Nice idea. Other new shiny stuff will already be in the pipeline for the next 12 to 18 months.
SG have to continue to generate income so will have a business plan. But it’s never clearly communicated so leaves us all guessing and wanting.
In my opinion, I think the next thing after LB will be weapons to complement heroes and their specials. Availability will of course be limited but then they open the gates to buy them….


Good idea, make it cost 2000 :gem: a piece. Ready to go!

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This idea is too good so I think SG will implement it in the near future.


Actually in puzzle combat the skill is 10/10
So the idea is there. Not sure how the level situation is there or LB are a thing but they normally do try things in PC before E&P.

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They will likely implement concurrent with introducing limit breaking to 100. By then the fourth limit break won’t be so grindy and they’ll need some new grindy thing.

Most of the skills are calculated by % more stats, more damage, more healing…

Buff or aliment duration or HoT could be improved by increasing talent nodes.

I have often wondered if we will see skills go up in levels, you clearly put a lot of creative thought into this: a theme, schedule, even how many items needed.

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