Items to counter Titans

Titans have nasty specials. What battle items should you bring to counter them?

It’s easy to bring antidotes, which DO work. But there are sometimes better choices. Read what special effect the Titan has and choose your battle items accordingly:

  • attack debuff. Bring Bear or Dragon banners, which flip the attack debuff into an attack buff. You can also use these anytime when you see you’re about to drop a bunch of tiles.
  • defense debuff. Bring Turtle or Dragon banners, which flip the defense debuff into a defense buff.
  • damage only. Leave the antidotes at home, but bring extra health potions.

Timestops are another important item—albeit costly and rare. They not only give you three free turns, but they drain all mana, so try to time these where the Titan is close to full mana.


Arrows. Always bring arrows.



  • mana full pull for Wu/Wilbur
  • att + def buff
  • cleanse & heal all at a time
  • cheap blinds for startup

Fast and reliable…

Storms are also very cool, but sadly rare.

Bombs and Axes are worth for that survival chance… makes all the difference sometimes of your hero dying in 2 hits vs 3 hits.

Mana potions are great too.

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