Items to ascend

I have been going thru wanted missions attacking Titans participating in wars and for about a month now and still haven’t received any of the items I need to ascend my heros and I know I’m not the only one dealing with this problem you shouldn’t have to hope you just get lucky there should be some type of direction or mode to where you can fight for items or at least have a better chance of acquiring them.

Have you also been completing Rare Quests and Challenge Events to get the guaranteed ascension mats?

If you’re early in the game (first couple of months), those can be very challenging or impossible until you’ve leveled up a good roster of 3* heroes to max, and 4* heroes to 3-60, but they’re the best source of non-random mats in the game.

In terms of random sources, loot tiers matter a lot. So if you’re in a lower Raid Arena, or hitting lower titans, loot is less likely to contain ascension mats. As you climb, the chances get better…though they’re still just chances, so the randomness continues.

Where are you in game progress so far?

I’m level 23 I just got into the gold arena again but I haven’t been raiding to much because most of the opponets out rank me so Ill just level up my other teams

The Heroes Wanted chests in Gold definitely don’t tend to have ascension mats super often. Even in the Platinum chests I find they’re pretty rare.

If you haven’t been raiding as much lately and are filling chests slower or less often, that itself doesn’t help either. The more chests you open, the more rolls you get for ascension mats.

Plus you’ll tend to get Elemental Chests more often when you’re opening your other chests as frequently as possible, and those usually have much better odds for containing ascension mats.

Are you are a point yet where you’re consistently completing Rare Quests? And can you complete the Epic and Legendary levels of Challenge Events yet?

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As zephyr said. The more chests you open the more chances you have. War, titan, hero, and monster.

Focus on beating quests as well. Especially the ones that give you ascension materials. Even if you don’t need them right now

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