Items not showing as "new" in inventory

Maybe I’m missing something, but I believe items such as adventurer’s kit used to show as new in inventory. I wanted to easily track my farming, but it’s not listed as new, while other items are.

FTR, my items are increasing, just not tagged as new.

Does it depend on whether you had any to begin with?

So if you regularly use all your backpacks and there are zero left in your inventory, the next one is ‘new’…but if you’ve already got them, they’re not ‘new’.

See if you can test it - use up all your roots or something and then go farm some more and see if they are ‘new’.

Ok, “new” is a misnomer. It’s +x, where x=the number of items you’ve gained since you’ve last checked your inventory.

So, I thought this was done for every item in your inventory, but it’s obviously only done for some.

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It seems to be only 4* and 5* items, troops, and all General Items.

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