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Hi,Im new to this game. About 10 weeks. Just got question how to upgrade my 4 and 5 star heroes if they all need compasses?? Where to get them? How? I have some other items. But never had even one compass from the game for 10 weeks! Seen friends getting compasses just like that. Mostly chests or titans. Just don’t get why I never had one. Its a bit borring. I had to pay for diamond and buy war set to get one. Spend 1k to get four and finally I got one now. Is this the way I need to Play? Money?
Thanks for all halp

You can use money and patience or just lots of patience :slight_smile: This is a long term game however you approach it. Personally I find it fun, and worth some patience :slight_smile: You will get the things you need eventually if you do your chests, bash titans and throw yourself into wars. You may also want to save your hero summons for Atlantis so you get the assention item chest quicker. But what you get and when is random.

Compasses are 3* non-farmable (means you can’t get them to drop on regular map levels) material that is crucial to 3^60 for 4* heroes and 3^70 for 5* heroes, as part of their next to last ascension (this one along with Fine Gloves).

They could drop randomly (or not at all) from different aspects of this game, Mystic Vision (Ad Viewing portal), Monster Chests, Hero (Raid) Chests, Titan Loot, Titan Chest, War Loot, War Chest and Elemental Chests.

About as a sure fire way to acquire them is to either buy them in shops or deals that pop up, finish Challenge Events that has them as the completion rewards or the top ranking rewards, or complete the 4th level of a specific Rare Quest (Farholme Pass) that has the item.

The game’s RNG aspect seem to make everyone short of a specific something, I for one, am mostly missing the Fine Gloves.

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You want to upgrade 3* heros before you work on 4*. They will get you through the areas that you need to get the materials to upgrade your 4 and 5*.
I know the 4 and 5’s are fancy and shiny, but you will be able to max a 3* a lot quicker and having at least 2 rainbow teams of them are ideal. Gives you options for each of the challenge events to be able to complete on Rare level.

The problem od,when I see mates on same lvl as me playing as long as I play and they keep telling me… oh… I got the compass again and again its just very anoying. I can see the progress if I look on other players in the same lvl. They still got something to do with they heroes. Mine just stuck because of one type of item. Random for some. That’s how its look like

Areas? What areas to go with 3* ? Do you mean map?

We just finished the pirates challenge event. There are 3 different levels. Rare, Epic and Legendary. On the Rare level, you can only use 3* heros and below. Epic, 4* and below and legendary 5* or below.
Also, you are going to want a roster with a minimum of 30 heros for wars. This makes up 6 different teams. I’ve been playing 6 months and i still use 3* in my lower level teams in war.

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I finished epic also. No Heroes for last level and to strong any way. Think is right… I have plenty of 4* heroes ( about 16-17) and one 5* Captain Kestrel. And 5 of 4* stuck on grade 3 and 5* stuck on grade 2 cause no compasses. That’s why I added this topic to ask why the game is not dropping right items. What I did wrong?

I also play wars. I’m in the Clan. Finished few war chests. Finished plenty Heroes/raids/titan chests and no compass. For one compass I paid with diamonds and one I have from Pirates event.epic lvl. That’s more. All I need is this Item to move forward. But,as I said before… never been dropped in game

I’m also waiting for about 20 of em.
Little bit annoying :sleeping:

Almost 3 month of playing this game and not even one frickin compass from the game.this is joke

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