Items for Ascending


I have had one particular hero ready to ascend, and only need one item to ascend… For over a month I have not seen one… All I need is one hidden blade… I already have 3, but need 4 to ascend… Is this a bug? I am sure they shouldn’t be this rare, its only a 4 star hero…


It’s not a bug. It took 3 months to get 4 hidden blades and 12 magic orbs. It’s all random.


Like Tyler said, not a bug…just random and sometimes this game can be cruel lol. If your team is strong enough, make sure and always complete rare quests. Use battle items if you have to. Mount Umber gives a hidden blade, as well as mystic rings on the last level. Last Mount Umber quest I think was just under a month ago so wasn’t sure if that’s what you were referring to when you said over a month. Which also means at the very least you’re guaranteed the chance to get one when it comes back around in 3-4 weeks :wink: