Items are too expensive

Items like Timestop and Tornadoes are too expensive to make for Titan battles, they should require less materials and cost. There is a huge shortage of crafting materials due to the increase number of titan attacks but no increase in drops.

They should have increased drop rates for when they increased the energy speed. But I also think resources need to be a bit scarce. Wouldn’t be good if you could use loads of items every fight without any effort. Now you have to think when to use them. Save some for tough spots.

Havent they increased drop rates of stuff? Maybe just a bit? Not saying it covers all extra titan hits, and not arguing with the general point haha!

Still tracking @Revelate?

Tracking yes, time to integrate the data no. Work has been stupidly busy for a while now. At some point I need to just go through all the screen caps but should do it before the 1.6 vs 1.7 data gets horribly difficult to tease out (or just toss some which isn’t clear away which isn’t the end of the world, meant to get it all updated with 1.7 dropping but c’est la vie).

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I agree with Arien.
Get item too easily just mess up the concept of using it “wisely” without wasting it.

But man… a little more backpacks would be appreciated.

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Try 5-8 for backpacks. :wink:

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