Items and Heroes for Gems


Ability to sell inventory items and heroes for gems.


Thats a bit backwards. I doubt you will see it happen. Although I’d love to exchange 5000 herbs for gems


dunno w gems, but maybe w hams or iron? like, if we do trade, how we will measure things? high lvl player needs 1cape, n yet still low lvl player (let’s say lvl15) has cape n don’t really need it atm. how they will trade? since they let’s say, still don’t need any high lvl Ascensions? trade herbs w cape? trade cape w hero?? how much herbs then high lvl player need to give in exchange w that one cape?

but if we use ‘sell/buy’ system w hams(or irons), it’ll b better than trade system since it’ll have the same value like money do.


If you could trade, you wouldn’t want to trade a high value item like a warm cape with an almost worthless item like hernb, not even for 5k herbs. You’ll eventually need that cape. If you cpuld trade, you’d want to trade that cape for other 4* ascension items


much informed lower lvl player wont trade it w let’s say herbs, since they know tho atm they cant use that, sooner or later they’ll need that cape. but player that not really informed? thinking that atm they more need herbs for battle items than a cape… it’s not impossible.

eitherway it’s just an example of the downside of trading, bc nothing can really b used as the measurements of the value of each of these items.

or if wanna go w trade, perhaps by going w each items star will b much better. like, mystic rings can only b traded w Damascus shield or other 4* items. but then, finding chainmail shirt is not as hard as finding orb of magic or warm cape.


If there is ever a trade it needa to match * value. One should never trade unfarmable items dor farmable


ikr? lol, it’ll b really nice if what we conclude from this discussion (only can trade item w the same * n those that can’t b farmed) can b added to the new update thus it’ll b fairer, ofc, if we do go w trading. eitherway, im still prefer buying/selling :joy::blush:.

since by selling, u can put the price tag, ofc with SG giving the maximum/minimum price of these items. Example : chainmail shirt. 3*, but it’s relatively easy to find/ get /farm them, thus it’s maximum price should be high, higher than herbs or feathers but definitely can’t be higher than warm cape.


I would want/expect the game to look out for newbies and not let them make hideously unfair trades against themselves. It’s so hard for newbies to get a full set of warm cloaks, do we really want a system that will blindly let them shoot themselves in the foot?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


yes, me too, that’s why i point it out. nd by only trading items of the same * or rarebility, it seems will at least help them, bc really, writing “what item’s” “value how much” down in guidelines will only do so much since not many of us–or new players–read it__or know where to find the guidelines.

peer support nd alliances do help, but not every new player/uninformed player is online atm the more experienced players explain about it (in peer support) nd the chat containing these specific information will eventually scrolled up before they read them. not to mention others that can’t speak english, or other language that SG or volunteers currently help with, such as turkish? or other languages.
But it’ll be better if they get in a good alliance that helping their new uninformed members.


Well the purpose of the Forums is to share player knowledge…Hopefully the game funnels new players here. :wink:


yeah, i hope it’ll serve it’s purposes tho we know well there are downsides that make it can’t fully serve it’s purposes.

But eitherway, despite those all, if we can speak english, not shy to ask or at least present/ lurking peer support when informed players helping/answering important questions, it really does help a lot :innocent: