Item to fill recruits


Hey everyone,

As I’m always short on recruits, I hope we can get an item that instantly fills your recruits up - could be a nice thing to get from mystic vision, the wanted missions or titans.


You’ll get to a point where you have days, weeks, even months in your training camp queues


Think i should be there by now, been playing for over 6 months. I just enjoy leveling all heroes that are 4 or 5*. Have all 4 camps running at all times, just don’t do a lot of the slow trainings.


Might have to do one slow one mate. Can always take recruits back out if needed.


I do slow trainings as I have no one to level. Currently I am levelling 3* heroes just to make room and so they’ll give a little more exp when I can finally level someone


Same here. All my 4* cards are pretty close to max and I can’t get a 5* card to save my life so recruits are all wasted. Hopefully I can get to TC20 and pray for a 5* card soon.


@Talisax, well, at least the 3* heroes will be useful for entering the Beginner stage of the upcoming Monthly Challenges! :grin:


Looks like I got to start leveling up my 3* cards again. Atleast it gives me something to do since I have nothing else to work on.


I’ll shamelessly comment and get this post back into the frontpage for another try.

Honestly though, I feel like I always have too little recruits. I always want to queue up more on my TC20s and I think everyone has both times where you have plenty of recruits (no hero to level) and when there’s a shortage (brand new hero to level or filling the camps to get that new hero). The addition of 3*s that need to be leveled for the events only made my problem worse! :smile:

Would love a rare item that people can use to instantly fill up their recruits, this way people can save it for when they need it. I’d obviously be a big advocate of giving it out semi-freely on titans/chests etc, but else perhaps as a bonus reward on some of the events (completion or ranked awards?).

If nobody likes the idea again this time around I’ll stop my lonely fight :smiley:


Its a great Idea, and it needs a low drop chance.


I don’t notice the need if I regularly hit the map and do the Recruits and Recruits II Quests.

Make your case! :grin:


Currently working on 2nd/3rd line 4* s so not as bad (read: impatient with leveling), but had a moment where I tried to get 2 5* heroes through their final ascension at the same time (definitely not complaining about that though!) and for about 3 weeks straight I wouldn’t have a single recruit unused for over an hour - even with world flasks used :wink:

Generally I am happier when the queues on my training camps are filled up more haha. Still if I’d get the item now I would happily either put it towards my TC20 or save it for another situation where I need to powerlevel a bit more (a new 5*, a couple of 3* heroes that i still need to work on for upcoming events, if I ever need a certain hero to gain a quick few levels extra for titan/event etc). Can you really ever have enough recruits? Even if nothing else i’d love about 140 recruits to blast through a bit of fast training and gain a bunch of 1* heroes :wink:


Yes, low level players with low-level houses can have “too many recruits”. I often did, months ago.

I see your point for double 5* Training though. Hmmm…


In which case you can save those items and as soon as you get a new high level hero… power level! :slight_smile:


Stop making sense, Loorts! You’re going to sway me! :grin:


This item should maybe only drop on 7 * titans and higher.